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PFL World Championship 2022 video: Dakota Ditcheva demolishes Katherine Corogenes with first-round knockout

Dakota Ditcheva picked up another nasty knockout in her second appearance in the PFL cage with a first-round finish over Katherine Corogenes.

Known as a Muay Thai specialist, Ditcheva displayed all of her striking on Friday night as she delivered a brutal knee up the middle before slamming home a right hand that ended Corogenes’ night in violent fashion.

The end came at 4:20 in the first round after Ditcheva picked up a similar knockout in her PFL debut back in August.

“That feels good,” Ditcheva said about her win. “Let me tell you one thing, this hype train stops for nobody. I woke up this morning and I’ll choose violence every single day.”

Knowing that Ditcheva had the striking advantage, Corogenes attempted to close the distance to start the fight but that only put her in more danger once she got locked in the clinch against the cage.

As the fighters battled for position, Ditcheva grabbed onto the neck and brought Corogenes’ head down while simultaneously bringing her knees up the middle in succession. The second shot connected, which left Corogenes dazed and confused.

From there, Ditcheva pressed forward and unleashed the right hand that cracked Corogenes on the jaw and sent her crashing to the canvas in a heap. Another punched followed but the fight was already over as Ditcheva celebrated her sixth career knockout in seven fights.

Now 7-0 in her career, Ditcheva will look to continue making an impact with her return to PFL in 2023 as part of the upcoming series in Europe.

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