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Video: Islambek Baktybek Uulu lands perfectly timed soccer kick knockout to win Octagon heavyweight title

Islambek Baktybek Uulu brought back a taste of Pride to Kazakhstan.

In the main event of Octagon 37 in Almaty, Baktybek Uulu captured a heavyweight title with a blistering — and perfectly legal — soccer kick knockout of Vladimir Rudak.

Watch the unbelievable finish above.

Baktybek Uulu started the ending sequence in Round 3 with a right hand across the chin that Rudak was unlikely to recover from regardless of any follow-up. The strike caused Rudek to stumble back and then gradually collapse into a seated position, with the emphasis on “gradually.” Before Rudak could end up in a grounded position — and thus, safe from any knees or kicks to the head — Baktybek Uulu rifled off a soccer kick up the middle that caught a defenseless Rudak clean on the jaw.

Rudak was instantly rendered unconscious by the kick and Baktybek Uulu was Octagon’s new heavyweight champion.

Baktybek Uulu (6-2) improved to 3-0 in the Kazakhstan-based promotion, with all of those wins coming by way of KO/TKO.

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