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UFC 281 video: Ryan Spann flattens Dominick Reyes with brutal one-punch knockout in first round

Ryan Spann capped off his night at UFC 281 with an absolutely brutal knockout over two-time title challenger Dominick Reyes.

Well known as a powerful striker, Spann was showcasing even sharper hands than usual after he stung Reyes with an early punch but that only led to the fight finishing sequence. With Reyes stepping into an exchange, Spann uncorked a devastating jab that twisted into a left hook and the shot landed flush with the California native just crumbling to the canvas.

Spann followed up with another punch but that’s only because it took the referee a moment to swoop in and stop the fight with the end coming at just 1:20 in the opening round.

“I trained, I literally trained,” Spann responded when asked about what made the difference for this fight. “I’ve never trained for a fight before. [I never trained] nothing over three weeks. Damn, I look good.

“I just came in here to flow and be free. I did everything the right way. I want to apologize to Dom for missing weight. I needed this to happen the way it happened. We’re back at the gym Monday.”

It’s a remarkable admission from Spann, who already had a number of notable wins in the UFC yet it appears he was never putting forth a full effort with his preparation until now.

From the start of the fight, Spann was showcasing confidence in his hands as he was more than willing to trade punches with Reyes, who has plenty of knockouts on his resume as well.

A straight punch from Spann definitely got Reyes’ attention but it didn’t back him off completely and it turns out that would ultimately spell his doom.

Once Reyes decided to test Spann again in another flurry on the feet, the Fortis MMA trained fighter threw the punch that landed clean on the jaw and knocked his opponent unconscious before he crashed to the ground.

Spann is now 3-1 in his last four fights with his only loss coming to Anthony Smith in 2021 but it certainly appears he’s ready to make waves in the light heavyweight division after finishing a proven contender like Reyes on Saturday night.

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