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Dana White announces Power Slap league to air on TBS, clarifies rule set

Dana White’s Power Slap league will have a cable television home in 2023.

White revealed during a press conference in New York that an eight-episode deal is in place for Power Slap to air on TBS beginning in January. The league gained approval from the Nevada Athletic Commission in October for regulation. The UFC president will not run the day-to-day operations, but did say that there will be similar medical testing as the UFC, along with drug testing for the competitors.

Additionally, the rules of the league were given to members of the media ahead of the press conference in the form of a glossary, which you can see below.

According to the Power Slap website, a coin toss will determine the option of whether or not the winner would like to throw or receive the first slap. There will be a 30 second clock to deliver the slap, and another 30 seconds for recovery. The minimum number of rounds for each competition will be three.

Victory will be determined via knockout, TKO, or by points — which, like MMA and boxing, will be based on a 10-point must system. Judges will determine scoring based on striker’s effectiveness, along with the defender’s reaction and recovery time. Matches can also be ruled a no contest, disqualification, or go to the judges for a technical decision if deemed necessary.

Fouls for striking include clubbing, stepping, illegal wind-up, and delay of game. It was also revealed that fighters will have to announce which hand they will be using, and how long it will take for the slap to be delivered. If a striker veers from the announcement, it will result in a penalty. Fouls for defenders will be given for flinching, blocking, or delay of game.

The penalties for fouls include warnings, point deductions, re-strikes, losses of strikes, or disqualification.

There will be weight classes for men and women who are selected to compete.

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