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Alistair Overeem vs. Badr Hari 3 full fight video highlights

Watch Alistair Overeem vs. Badr Hari 3 full fight video highlights from their main event showdown at Glory Collision 4 on Saturday night at GelreDome in Arnhem, Netherlands.

In a trilogy meeting, Overeem claimed the series win with a unanimous decision nod over Hari after an exciting comeback in the third round. It was the first kickboxing match for the longtime UFC heavyweight contender since December 2010.

Check out more highlights from the contest here.

For more, check out a live blog of the fight, courtesy of MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1

Both men come out in orthodox and they get right to things! Overeem winging some hooks and Hari trying to counter. Nothing landing for either man but big boys chucking big bombs early.

Overeem definitely looking a little uncomfortable early. His feet aren’t always under him and he looks pressed when Hari returns fire. No kicks from either man so far. And Hari is taking his time with his punches.

Overeem using a high guard and so Hari now goes with a pair of kicks, a low kick landing in a major way. The crowd is chanting for Hari.

Overeem is coming forward, pressuring, trying to muscle Hari off. Hari moving well off it and putting straight punches into Overeem but can’t find a big shot.

Improbably, these two men will make it to their first second round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Hari.

Round 2

All five judges scored the first round for Hari. Yay, open scoring.

Overeem throws his first low kick and Hari immediately counters with a big hook combo. Hari is opening up now but gets caught with a low blow that pauses the action.

Overeem looking very uncomfortable with getting hit has Hari starts ripping the body now. Another leg kick. They clash and Overeem tips over backwards. He’s back up and pushing forward but he’s eating shots now.

Good knee from Overeem. Hari picking away. Then unleashes a big right hand. Overeem can’t find a happy place out there. Looking a lot like a guy who hasn’t kickboxed in 12 years.

Overeem rocks Hari! An uppercut on the inside forces Hari to touch the canvas with his glove but the referee doesn’t call it a knockdown. Overeem staying inside and trying to land another one but can’t find the shot before the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Overeem, 19-19 overall.

Round 3

Hari had his wits about him after that shot, but his glove clearly touched the canvas. Should’ve been a knockdown. Only one judge gave Overeem the round though.

Final round and Hari has dominated most of this fight and now all he needs to do is not get knocked out.

Overeem still coming forward with some very odd moves. Landed a couple of shots but Hari ripping the body. Hari keeping a high guard and in retreat and Overeem lands a big right hand that gets Hari wobbling!!!!

Overeem staying on him with big shots and Hari goes down! The referee taking a LONG time to count to 10. Hari makes it up and now Overeem is all over him! Big shots! Hari against the ropes and he goes down again!!!

Ref still with a slow count and Hari makes it up again. He’s hurt and he’s trying to clinch but Overeem putting it on him. Hari lands a big right of his own and now Overeem has slowed some. Both men are gassed and somehow this fight makes it to the scorecards but we are probably going to another round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-7 Overeem, 29-26 Overeem overall.

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