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Bobby Green accepts 6-month USADA suspension for anabolic steroid

UFC Fight Night: Makhachev v Green
Bobby Green
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Bobby Green has accepted a six-month suspension from the USADA after testing positive for the presence of an exogenous anabolic androgenic steroid.

The USADA announced the suspension Friday, stating that the UFC lightweight’s positive test was the result of an out-of-competition urine sample taken on May 16. Green is eligible to compete again on Nov. 16.

This past September, Green revealed that he had been pulled out of a fight with Jim Miller at UFC 276 on July 2 due to a positive drug test that he attributed to an over-the-counter supplement.

“I go, what? What? In 20 years, I’ve never tested positive for anything in 20 years of my sport,” Green said in an Instagram video. “I know drugs, and drugs to me, I’ve only heard of them coming in needle form, I’ve heard them coming in some crazy pill form, and last, like maybe I’ve heard of some cream stuff of testosterone. …

“So I say hey, come back, take all the pictures, show them all those bottles. They go, ‘Hey, it’s that one right there. It’s DHEA. That’s a banned substance on our list, and you’re now in failure, and the fight is off.’ A week before the fight. I’m crushed. I’m like, what the f***.”

The USADA’s official statement corroborates Green’s account and noted that he received a reduced period of ineligibility for his cooperation with the investigation.

During an investigation into the circumstances of the case, Green provided evidence that he purchased dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) as an over-the-counter supplement product at a local retailer. In the U.S., unlike other countries, DHEA can be legally sold as a dietary supplement and is different from other anabolic agents that are regulated as controlled substances. Under the Policy, USADA may also consider the degree of performance enhancement when determining the athlete’s level of fault, and in this case, considered the athlete’s brief use of the supplement.

Green most recently competed at a UFC Fight Night event in Las Vegas this past February, stepping into the main event on short-notice to fight Islam Makhachev. Makhachev defeated Green by first-round TKO, which snapped a two-fight win streak for Green.

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