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A.J. McKee unimpressed with Patricio Pitbull’s Bellator 286 title defense: ‘It sucked ass’

A.J. McKee agrees with fans who weren’t thrilled with Patricio Pitbull’s latest winning performance.

The former featherweight champion had the chance to watch Pitbull in action following his own fight at Saturday’s Bellator 286 card at in Long Beach, Calif., a unanimous decision victory over Spike Carlyle. Though Pitbull scored a commanding win over Adam Borics to successfully defend his 145-pound title, the live audience booed the Brazilian star’s methodical tactics at times, prompting him to fire back with a “F*** you, everyone” during his post-fight interview.

McKee appeared on The MMA Hour on Monday and he was just as harsh as the crowd was when it came to discussing Pitbull’s win.

“It sucked ass, bro,” McKee said. “That [fight] was horrible. He talks about how he’s a professional and my fight was like a backyard brawl scrap. Bro, it’s a mixed martial arts fight. If you fight from the hood then you’re going to get a hood fight. If you want to be technical, then be technical. But you can’t talk about you’re a technical fighter when you’re poking people in the eye. And then when they tell the ref they get poked in the eye, you want to swing on them. Nah, alright, bet. You’re going to get a hood scrap every time. There ain’t no respect for that dude.”

“What did he do?” McKee continued. “He wrestled. That’s cool. I can do that too. He couldn’t stop my takedown. He didn’t attempt to take me down, because he can’t take me down. Dude’s wrestling’s garbage.”

Saturday’s main event marked Pitbull’s eighth successful defense of the Bellator featherweight title and his first since regaining it with a win over McKee this past April at Bellator 277. That immediate rematch was booked after McKee defeated Pitbull at Bellator 263 by first-round submission.

A trilogy bout has been discussed, but both fighters have also mentioned finding new homes in different weight classes (McKee fought at 155 pounds for the first time this past weekend, Pitbull has teased moving down to bantamweight to add another title to his collection that already includes belts at 145 and 155 pounds). If it were up to McKee, he and Pitbull would settle the score before going their separate ways for good.

“I think it should [be next],” McKee said of a third Pitbull fight. “For his legacy, for my legacy. If it doesn’t, whatever. Like I said, bigger and better things, that’s what I’m on to. I would love to make it happen. It should happen. I think it’s what the people want. I think it’s what I want.

“I don’t know if it’s what he wants, but one and one, I think we need to settle this, you know? Can’t leave the game open.”

Between their first and second fights there was a 10-month gap, which McKee agrees felt too long and somewhat cooled their rivalry. Should Pitbull agree to a third fight, McKee aims to have it happen sooner rather than later.

“For me, I’m ready,” McKee said. “I’m not beat up, I’m not scratched up. That’s my whole thing, I want to be as active as possible. Obviously, if I get banged up a little I’m going to take some time off. But there’s no days off. You’ve got to just keep grinding and keep going and going and going.

“I’m 27 years old, I’m entering my prime and that’s what I’m looking forward to. Just putting on great shows and getting some more brawls in there.”

Asked whether he and Pitbull had any run-ins this past Saturday that might build anticipation for a third meeting, McKee described what was only a passing encounter with his nemesis.

“He made it very clear that he loves the word ‘motherf*****’ but that was about it,” McKee said. “I was walking by when we were doing the staredowns and stuff, we were all in this five-foot little space and I heard ‘motherf*****’ and I was like, it has to be him. And of course, it was him, so I just started busting up laughing. It was funny.”

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