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Sean O’Malley vs. Petr Yan full fight video highlights

UFC 280: Yan v O’Malley Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Watch Sean O’Malley vs. Petr Yan full fight video highlights from the main card of UFC 280, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

UFC 280: Oliveira vs. Makhachev took place Oct. 22 at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Former UFC bantamweight champion Petr Yan (16-4) took on popular up-and-comer Sean O’Malley (16-1, 1 NC) in a featured bout on the night’s main card. The fight aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-view.

Catch the video highlights below.

For more on O’Malley vs. Yan, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: O’Malley comes out in southpaw with Yan in orthodox and taking the center right away. These two look like they are in different weight classes.

O’Malley moving around the outside and Yan has gone to the legs twice already. O’Malley fires a kick and a jab of his own. O’Malley is coiled for a big counter, Yan cutting the cage and mirroring O’Malley’s stance switches.

O’Malley gets a rear left to land. Body kick from Yan. Low kick from O’Malley. A lot of stance switches coming from both men. Herzog warns both men to watch their fingers.

O’Malley lands a right hand and a front kick. Yan struggling with the range early but lands a body kick. He’s staying with pressure. O’Malley lands a left counter. He’s using that length well but eats another leg kick.

O’Malley showing a lot of speed early and Yan shoots in when O’Malley gets to the fence. He’s in on the hips but can’t finish. Now he’s holding a waist lock with O’Malley using the fence to stay up. They’re hand fighting and O’Malley breaks.

O’Malley starts opening up and Yan counters big, backing him off. Yan on the lead again. He’s landing. And lands a clean left hand. Yan is getting O’Malley backed up to the fence with ease and he drops for a double-leg again, this time his hands are locked and O’Malley goes up and for a ride.

Yan has O’Malley against the fence, he’s in guard and pressuring down. O’Malley trying to create with those long legs but no jot. Yan lands some shots but O’Malley gets up and fires a 1-2. Short time and O’Malley trying to leave an impression. Yan lands a good leg kick though. He’s chopping that leg.

O’Malley firing combos into Yan’s guard and then O’Malley shoots and gets to the angle! Yan turns and O’Malley briefly has rear waistlock before Yan escapes and the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Yan.

Round 2: That was a very competitive opening round. This is where Yan usually starts to turn it on though. But O’Malley showing he’s not out of his element. And his corner tells him as much.

Yan comes out firing to start the second, landing a big body kick.

O’Malley cracks Yan with a left hand!!! Extra long left lands and Yan is in serious trouble!! He’s moving away.

YAN CRACKS O’MALLEY WITH A MONSTER RIGHT HAND!!!! O’MALLEY ALMOST DROPS AND YAN IS ON HIM NOW! That was an enormous shot and Yan is in O’Malley’s guard and starting to hit him with shots. Both men might be trying to recover though.

Yan throws a big elbow. O’Malley looking for an armbar. He rolls to get up but Yan stays tight. O’Malley to his feet and Yan lands a knee to the body. He’s holding the waist lock with O’Malley against the fence. O’Malley tries to spin out but Yan stays on and he’s looking for another takedown. Can’t get it though and we’re back at space.

Yan lands one of those sneaky little step in trips and pops O’Malley. O’Malley gets up and tries his own but no success. Yan staying on O’Malley right now and the pressure is getting to the young star. O’Malley still looking for counters though.

Yan lands a big body kick that gets O’Malley’s attention. And another one. His eyes are still in this but Yan is starting to build momentum. He’s certainly on the attack. Combo from Yan gets O’Malley to the fence and he’s on the hips again. Hands are locked and he turns and dumps O’Malley. O’Malley has butterflies but Yan is smothering the legs, looking to lock in a better position.

Yan staying tall, lands a couple shots in there. O’Malley consents to spend the rest of this round on the mat and the horn sounds.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Yan, 20-18 yan overall.

Round 3: Win, lose, or draw, O’Malley has exceeded most people’s expectations. Good performance from him. And he looks calm and ready for the third. Man’s got cardio, because Yan looks more tired, somehow.

O’Malley comes out with body kick, he’s leading the attack and flashing the jab. Yan swings a big counter. He is swinging so hard. Yan drops for a single but O’Malley fends it off.

O’Malley really using the jab a lot in this round, pop pop pop. He follows it with something meaningful and it could be big. Yan holding the center now though and he’s getting his kicks going. O’Malley showing angles though, but Yan’s defense is very good.

O’Malley staying busy. Yan combos O’Malley back to the fence and shoots but O’Malley is too flexible and stays up.

O’Malley lands something that opens Yan up and he’s bleeding and now O’Malley is on the attack! O’Malley smells blood but he eats a monster shot! O’Malley’s head snaps around but he stays swinging and eats another! This is one hell of a fight!

Yan eats a head kick and shoots! He seems okay but he might’ve been rocked. Yan gets O’Malley to the fence though and he locks his hands and scores the takedown. Yan is bleeding a lot but he’s got top position. O’Malley fishing for a kimura and it gets him to his feet but Yan staying on him, holding the back and O’Malley looks a wee bit tired. Understandable.

O’Malley breaks and with 90 seconds left he’s coming forward with punches. Yan is swinging enormous counters and lands a huge one but O’Malley’s chin is up to the test. Yan gets a body lock though. O’Malley gramby rolls out of it and we’ve got 30 seconds left and we’re in space.

Yan is bleeding like a stuck pig from the cut over his eye. O’Malley steps in and flings O’Malley down with a trip. Short time and Yan unloads some ground and pound until the final horn. Hell of a fight.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Yan, 30-27 Yan overall.

Sean O’Malley def. Petr Yan via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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