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Dana White fires back at ‘goofballs’ critical of slap fight league commission approval: ‘Nevada did the right thing’

Dana White has seen the critics of the Nevada Athletic Commission approving his new slap fighting league.

The UFC President is extending is promotional portfolio with Dana White’s Power Slap League, which the NAC agreed to regulate in the state earlier this week. Since the news was announced, critics blasted the idea of regulation due to competitors not being able to protect themselves.

Prior to the UFC 280 ceremonial weigh-ins, White answered questions about how it will be regulated, while taking shots at the opposition in the process.

“It’ll be regulated exactly like this sport is,” White told MMA Fighting on Friday. “I saw a lot of the goofballs talking s*** — goofballs being media guys — talking about, ‘What’s next, mallets?’ Stupid s*** like that.

“The bottom line is, in a boxing match, guys get hit with 300-400 punches in a f****** fight. These guys are going to get hit with three slaps. For these morons to be talking all the s*** that they are about the athletic commission, the athletic commission did the right thing. So did we. We run right toward regulation, regulate the sport to make sure it’s safe for everybody — because a lot of people are going to get involved in this just like they did MMA. What you want is you want to make sure there’s clear cut set rules, people have to take the proper medicals before, during, and after the fight to keep the thing safe. It should be regulated and Nevada did the right thing. I applaud them and that’s why they’re the most respected athletic commission in the world.”

When asked if UFC fighters would be allowed to participate, White cast a wide net for those who want to participate. Although he didn’t specify involvement from contracted UFC athletes, he did confirm that fighters within the sport have expressed their interest.

“Anybody can try it out,” White said. “MMA guys have reached out to me.”

The UFC also has begun experimenting with watching fights in the Metaverse, which kicked off this past weekend with LFA 144 on UFC Fight Pass. With this new slap fighting league about to launch, White doesn’t rule out the possibility of adding that element to his new promotion in the future.

“We’ll probably [have slap fighting in the Metaverse],” White said.

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