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BKFC 30 results: Lorenzo Hunt knocks out Quentin Henry twice after bizarre reset in chaotic opening round

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship - Lorenzo Hunt v Erick Lozano Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Lorenzo Hunt won the cruiserweight title in one of the weirdest and most chaotic fights in BKFC history.

Hunt faced Quentin Henry for the vacant cruiserweight title in the main event of BKFC 30 on Saturday night at the Fant-Ewing Coliseum in Monroe, La. Entering the fight, the two men shared no love for one another, and that animosity was felt almost immediately as Hunt charged across the cage at the opening bell swinging punches. Henry returned fire but their legs entangled and Henry fell to the canvas with Hunt on top of him. Hunt then fired off a big right hand while Henry was laying down.

That’s when things went haywire.

After the shot on the ground, Henry lay face down and unmoving, apparently knocked out cold. While Henry’s corner pulled him up and rousted him, Hunt stood in the center of the ring shouting that his illegal punch missed and that Henry was faking it and looking for a DQ win.

After several minutes passed, and once Henry was up and moving again, referee Dan Miragliotta — seemingly agreeing with Hunt’s assessment of the situation — restarted the fight in the center of the ring.

After the first round was over, Miragliotta could be heard explaining that the punch from Hunt did not land, which is why he chose to not deduct a point. Ultimately, that would not have mattered though, as Hunt was able to take control of the fight and finish Henry in the third round.

After the fight, Hunt gave props to Henry, saying he thought his foe was going to look for a cheap DQ win, but that “Henry showed me that he was a real man.” In contrast, Henry — perhaps justifiably — felt that he has been the victim of something shady, saying that he was legitimately knocked out by “a cheap shot” and woke up to his corner shaking him and asking if he could still fight.

In the end, it didn’t matter though, as officially Hunt picked up the victory at 1:36 of Round 3, becoming only the second two-division champion in BKFC history.

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