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Bellator 286 video: Richard Palencia appears to break leg in prelim opener

Cee Jay Hamilton and Richard Palencia
@BellatorMMA, Twitter

Richard Palencia’s Saturday night came to an abrupt and ugly end.

The bantamweight suffered a TKO loss in the second round of his preliminary bout with Cee Jay Hamilton at Bellator 286 in Long Beach, Calif., appearing to break his leg after having a kick checked.

Watch the footage of the injury below.

In the above clip, Palencia’s left leg can be seen with colliding with Hamilton’s left shin as he attempts a low kick. He then immediately stumbles backward and collapses. The slow-motion replay shows his leg bending in awkward fashion.

Commentator John McCarthy speculated that Palencia’s leg is broken.

“His leg broke, no doubt about it,” McCarthy said. Breaking down the replay, he later added, “That was shin on shin. He knows when he steps back, there it goes. He felt it right here and it was shin on shin, so obviously it fractured at that point. You saw it buckle a little bit there as he took a last step on it. That’s when it definitely came apart.

Referee Jonathan Romero could also be heard saying, “His leg snapped.”

Afterwards, Hamilton was apologetic to Palencia’s team for how the fight ended and he and Palencia appeared to exchange respectful words.

Palencia was transported out of the arena via a stretcher shortly after.

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