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Amanda Serrano offers to fight Valentina Shevchenko if Dana White agrees to Jake Paul’s demands

Multi-division boxing champion Amanda Serrano is ready to sweeten the deal by crossing over to the UFC if Dana White caters to the demands presented to him by Jake Paul.

This past week saw Paul and the UFC president engage in a war of words over social media, issuing a series of challenges to the other. Now, Serrano is throwing her name into the mix, offering to face UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko.

“I will gladly sign a one-fight deal with the UFC to challenge Valentina for the flyweight Championship if UFC agrees to Jake’s offer,” Serrano wrote on Twitter. “Let’s make history.”

While the chances that Serrano actually gets the fight with Shevchenko are somewhere between slim and none, the tweet is just the latest in a long series of exchanges where White and Paul have traded blows on Twitter, Instagram and through a series of videos.

After Paul had challenged several UFC fighters to crossover to boxing, White shot down that request and then offered to undergo cocaine testing for the next decade if the former social influencer turned boxer agreed to two years of testing for steroids.

Paul then fired back with a counter offer of his own with numerous conditions, including a new minimum salary for UFC fighters as well as increase the overall revenue paid to the athletes along with long-term healthcare benefits. In exchange, Paul said he would retire from boxing immediately and ink a one-fight deal with the UFC to face Jorge Masvidal in an MMA contest.

The 24-year-old undefeated boxer laughed off White’s claim that he was doing steroids as he continued to escalate his demands regarding better treatment for UFC fighters.

Of course, Serrano counts Paul and his Most Valuable Promotions as her current promoter. She inked a deal to join his company after she served as the co-main event on his first fight against ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley earlier this year.

Serrano has praised Paul for raising her profile in the sport of boxing, offering her better financial opportunities as well as high-profile slots on the two most recent cards he’s fought.

While there’s no chance White will actually concede to any of Paul’s demands, Serrano actually has past MMA experience with a 2-0-1 record including a submission win this past June under the IKON Fighting Federation banner.

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