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Video: UFC champ Francis Ngannou delivers devastating low blow to ‘Jackass Forever’ star

The thought of Francis Ngannou swinging a punch at any body part should be terrifying — but it’s even scarier when the UFC heavyweight champion is throwing a low blow.

That’s exactly what the cast of the upcoming film “Jackass Forever” asked him to do for a stunt in the latest film in the series, which is due out on February 4.

“Jackass” cast member Ehren McGhehey signed up to participate in a prank called the “Cup Test,” where he expected to wear an athletic protector and allow a lightweight fighter to take a swing at him.

Little did he know that series creator Johnny Knoxville actually secured Ngannou to deliver that punch as McGhehey stood on a chair — and likely kissed any chance at having children goodbye.

Fellow “Jackass” star Steve-O, who is a huge UFC fan, actually tried to take part in that particular stunt after discovering that Ngannou would be performing with them, only then he discovered what was actually happening and he gladly bowed out.

“Later, I found out — in fact, I didn’t want to do it,” Steve-O said in a clip released from the film.

Check out the clip to see Ngannou deliver the ferocious punch that absolutely demolishes the “Jackass” star.

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