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Brandon Moreno vs. Deiveson Figueiredo 3 full fight video highlights

MMA: UFC 270-Moreno vs Figueiredo Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Watch Brandon Moreno vs. Deiveson Figueiredo 3 full fight video highlights from UFC 270, courtesy of the UFC.

UFC 270 took place Jan. 22 at Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. Undisputed flyweight champ Brandon Moreno (19-6-2) faced off with former flyweight champ Deiveson Figueiredo (21-2-1) in a trilogy fight. The fight aired live on the ESPN+ pay-per-view main card. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Moreno vs. Figueiredo 3, check out a live blog by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1

Both men cone out in orthodox and this title fight is underway. Measured start for both men and Figueiredo lands a pair of early kicks but as he throws the second one he slips and Moreno pounces on him. Figueiredo is up but Moreno forces a clinch and backs Figueiredo to the fence. Over/Under position and Figueiredo is able to turn Moreno. More position fighting and nothing is happening here. Some quiet knees and Moreno is able to dig double-unders after some time but then Figueiredo separates and they are back at range.

Figueiredo lands a hard low kick as Moreno comes in for a jab and it takes the base from under Moreno. Figueiredo very patient on the feet and Moreno now starting to get the jab going. Moreno steps in with a looping right hand that lands and it may have hurt Figueiredo? He’s backing up and smiling which usually means damage. But his legs seem fine and now the two men are fighting the footwork battle again.

Moreno steps in with a combination and Figueiredo ducks under beautifully and gets a body lock. He then passes to back control and Moreno is tries to sit out. He can’t and Figueiredo stays with his grip. Moreno then rolls and now they are back to the feet.

Moreno is fighting with so much confidence right now. He’s not landing a ton but his hands are down and he has every appearance of a man who is playing with his food. He eats another leg kick though and a right hand. Moreno lands a spinning back kick to the calf of Figueiredo which was fun and weird but not much. And the round ends with Figueiredo landing another left hand as Moreno sort of taunts him.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Figueiredo.

Round 2

Moreno obviously is feeling very good in there but Figueiredo seems unbothered by the confidence. Round 2 starts with Figueiredo pressing forward and after an exchange of blows, Figueiredo goes for a single-leg but Moreno shucks it off.

Now Moreno is cranking up the pace though. Moreno is firing off swinging combinations and even takes a run at a jumping knee. It misses but he’s winning the showmanship battle by a mile and he’s not eating big punches from Figueiredo. He is, however, taking leg kicks. Moreno has nothing for the kicks right now and at some point that will be a problem.

Figueiredo went for a high kick that Moreno side-steps and then grabs the leg and dumps Figueiredo! Moreno jumps on him but Figueiredo scrambles. Moreno tries to follow and grab the back but a pivot and roll from Figueiredo gets him back to his feet. That was fun.

Figueiredo upping his volume a little bit in response to Moreno marching him down now and he’s moving away from the leg kicks as Moreno lands a few of his own. Moreno steps in with a flurry of hooks that land. Figueiredo attempts a left hook into a takedown but Moreno is equal to the task. This is a very competitive round.

Moreno not jabbing as much any more and Figueiredo lands his own big flurry. Moreno fires back and now they are exchanging and Moreno gets stung by a big right hand. He keeps firing back though and a right hand of his own appears to hurt Figueiredo. It looks like Moreno’s chin is proving to be a real issue for Figueiredo.

More exchanges and it seems like Figueiredo may be slowing and Moreno looks fresh as a daisy when the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Moreno, 19-19 overall.

Round 3

Figueiredo needs to get back to the low kicks. Moreno hasn’t checked one and if this becomes a battle of cardio, he’s not equipped to win that. And true enough, Figueiredo begins the third with a leg kick, however, Moreno does get his leg up.

Figueiredo more aggressive to start this round, pressing forward and Moreno tries to counter back by charging in. When he does, Figueiredo drops down for a takedown and he gets it but Moreno is turning his hips and getting up already. Figueiredo is able to secure the back lock but Moreno breaks free, he does eat a knee for his troubles though. And another calf kick.

Back at range and a shot from Figueiredo sends Moreno stumbling backwards, looks like he’s off balance though and as Figueiredo chases him, Moreno cracks him with a counter that backs him up. The Moreno throws a combo that appears to stun Figueiredo. Honestly, Figueiredo is having issues eating the power shots now. But he lands a big leg kick that stumbles Moreno! That is something.

Moreno responds by cracking Figueiredo with a left hook that has the former champion stumbling backwards. He’s up against the fence and swings his way off it. Figueiredo hiding it well but he’s starting to really get dinged up every time Moreno lands a combo. Figueiredo may want to invest in a jab.

Moreno is outworking him now. Figueiredo is landing some big shots in exchanges but Moreno is landing two to one. Figueiredo still chopping that leg down though. This is quite the scrap.


MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Figueiredo.

Round 4

That big right at the end of the third was the moment of the fight thus far. Moreno appears to have shaken it off but damn that was clean. And Figueiredo begins the fourth with a leg kick that appears to hurt Moreno. If that leg is compromised, Figueiredo is going to have an easier time tracking him down.

And Figueiredo knows it. He’s coming forward and slipping low kicks in. Now a front kick. Moreno looks shaky on that lead leg and he’s reacting now. Figueiredo has earned respect and another kick gets Moreno moving off.

Figueiredo now starting to feel himself in there and he lands a good combo finishing with a leg kick. Moreno’s shin is swelling up for real. Moreno responds by throwing a combination. He’s just going to brawl he way through it and he’s now on the attack with Figueiredo looking for counters.

Figueiredo starting to slow down. He appears to be waiting for a big moment and he swings some hammers to drive him my point. Moreno swings big and Figueiredo grabs a body lock, driving Moreno to the fence. Figueiredo has the back lock again and he’s landing some knees while Moreno fights the hands. Moreno is able to break free and a wild exchange ensures with Moreno getting the better of it. This is a very close round.

Figueiredo starts stunting with short time but neither man closed the round strong. Could go either way.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Figueiredo.

Round 5

It’s either 2-2 or 3-1 Moreno. Really, it’s anybody’s fight and both men appear game for the final round.

Figueiredo leads with a leg kick that lands and Moreno steps in with a combination. Moreno with lots of activity to start the round and then he grabs a body lock and finishes a trip takedown to side control. This is excellent for the champion but Figueiredo is able to create space and stand up quickly. That was huge for him.

Leg kick from Figueiredo bur eats a counter. Moreno lands a nice hook to the body and Figueiredo appears to be slowing down. He’s certainly being outworked. A wrestling exchange initiated by Moreno but they are out quickly and Moreno is simply throwing more punches right now. 3 minutes to go.

Figueiredo has moved away from the leg kick and it’s costing him the round, and the fight. Moreno content to jab him at range and then land combos when Figueiredo steps in. A big stepping right hand drops Moreno! Sits him down on his butt but he seems to be okay and as Figueiredo charges in, he gets hit with a big shot as well.

Figueiredo’s corner is telling him not to get too wild and that’s idiotic. He’s going to lose this fight on activity. He does land a leg kick but Moreno eats it well and there’s only a minute left for Figueiredo to act like he wants to win this fight. Both men appear to be content to ride it out though. Very few punches but with 20 seconds left they start brawling!

Both men are standing and swinging for all they are worth. Both are landing and stumbling and this is total anarchy! I don’t know who is winning but this is awesome and the horn sounds with both men still standing.

Strong finish to an otherwise dull round.

MMA Fighting score the round 10-9 Moreno, 48-47 Figueiredo overall.

Official Decision

Deiveson Figueiredo defeats Brandon Moreno via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47) to become the new UFC flyweight champion.

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