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UFC 270 video: Jack Della Maddalena crushes Pete Rodriguez with brutal left hand to earn first-round finish

Jack Della Maddalena showed no nerves in his octagon debut as he picked apart fellow newcomer Pete Rodriguez before earning a devastating first-round finish at UFC 270.

The Contender Series veteran showed fast footwork both offensively and defensively as he ducked and dodged out of the way from Rodriguez’s aggressive strikes and then started to fire back with a nasty jab of his own. The end came after Della Maddalena landed a hellacious left hand that put Rodriguez down and out with referee Frank Trigg stopping the fight at 2:59 in the first round.

“To be honest, I was waiting for the jitters and they never came,” Della Maddalena said following the win. “Same as usual. That’s what I like to call the $50 g-spot, baby!”

Originally slated to face Warlley Alves on the card, Della Maddalena didn’t blink when the UFC gave him a new opponent instead and he looked more than ready to put on a highlight worthy performance.

From the first exchange, Della Maddalena was setting up his jab, which began popping Rodriguez in the face at will. After the first few shots landed, Rodriguez was covered in his own blood as Della Maddalena continued to attack with that same punch over and over again.

After repeatedly tagging Rodriguez with the jab, Della Maddalena then began launching a powerful left behind it that was also connecting at will. Finally, Della Maddalena unleased one final left that cracked Rodriguez in the jaw and sent him crashing to the canvas.

A few more punches landed on the ground but Rodriguez was clearly done as the referee rushed in to rescue him before more damage was dished out.

Della Maddalena has long been viewed as a top prospect out of Australia and now he can celebrate his first UFC win with an emphatic performance on Saturday night.

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