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Georges St-Pierre says Anderson Silva’s boxing success is ‘very, very inspiring’

Count Georges St-Pierre among those who have been both stunned and impressed by Anderson Silva’s late-career swerve into the boxing world.

Silva shocked the combat sports world when he upset former WBC middleweight champion Julio César Chávez Jr. back in June, winning a one-sided bout against Chávez Jr. at the age of 46. The match marked Silva’s return to the boxing ring after 16 years away and served as a moment of celebration for many in the MMA community following the disappointing stretch that saw Silva lose seven of his last nine UFC fights to close out his legendary MMA career. And St-Pierre can’t help but be inspired by the feats of his fellow octagon legend.

“Bro, it was one of his best performances in life — I would say among the rest of his elite performances that he did in MMA,” St-Pierre said recently on The MMA Hour. “To me, the way he beat César Chávez, it was incredible. And I was under the impression before the fight that César Chávez would dominate him because of his boxing experience. Man, he took everybody by surprise. It was very inspiring to him perform that way. It was very, very inspiring.

“And what a great ending for Anderson Silva right now. I hope if he comes back into these kinds of fights, it will be something worth it. Not only about money, but in terms of legacy — something that, it will make him shine, make him look good. Because, man, if you check his last (UFC) performance against Uriah Hall, it was kind of disappointing, it was kind of sad. But what a way to come back. What a way to get back on top. Man, that was amazing.”

St-Pierre and Silva are widely considered to be two of the greatest champions in MMA history. Together they ruled over the UFC’s welterweight and middleweight divisions with an iron hand throughout much of the late 2000s and early 2010s, racking up a combined 26-0 record during their prime reigns as champions. A potential superfight between St-Pierre and Silva was long discussed by the UFC during that time and would’ve been one of the biggest bouts of their eras, but ultimately it never came to fruition.

Still, St-Pierre has always spoken highly of Silva and continues to be blown away by his late-career transition to boxing. And he expects to see good things out of “The Spider” when Silva enters the ring against Tito Ortiz for an eight-round boxing match Saturday on the Triller event headlined by Vitor Belfort and boxing heavyweight legend Evander Holyfield.

“I think it’s a good fight,” St-Pierre said. “It could be a good fight for Anderson Silva, because he’s more into his field of expertise [than Ortiz].”

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