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Video: Fighter provides health update after frightening collapse in bare-knuckle fight

The bare-knuckle boxer who suffered a bizarre and frighting fall during a recent fight wants everyone to know he’s doing fine.

Malysh Anatoliy a.k.a. “Tolik” was in the first round of a boxing bout with Anatoliy “TT” Savenko at a Mahatch event on June 20 when he collapsed seemingly out of nowhere. In the clip below, you can see that Tolik falls unconscious after going untouched for at least 10 seconds.

MMA Fighting reached out to Parimatch—the online entertainment platform that works with Mahatch—after the clip began to circulate on social media and was initially told that Tolik attributed the incident to an issue with his blood sugar levels.

On Sunday, Mahatch released a statement from Tolik addressing the viral video. He announced that he is in good health and that he looks forward to continuing his boxing career.

Watch the video above and read the full statement here (translation via Mahatch):

Hello everyone, my name is Tolik. A few days ago on the Mahatch channel was posted my fight versus Anatoly Savenko, nicknamed “TT,” in which I lost consciousness with excitement in the first round. Right away I want to say thank you to everyone who worried about my health. I had a thorough medical check. My health is fine. In that fight emotions have prevailed. At the moment, I continue to train hard and I am completely ready for revenge, because the boxing lesson is not over yet.

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