Tyron Woodley fails to pull the trigger in pro boxing debut

After all the anticipation had built for this cruiserweight bout, Jake Paul was too much for the former five-time UFC champ.

Paul, coming off his knockout victory over Ben Askren in April, set out for a bout with Woodley after a run-in with him earlier that night in the locker room.

Woodley was gearing up for this fight since that moment and a tremendous build to it ensued.

Woodley came out establishing aggressiveness and intimidation through experience. Paul didn't waiver and fought back when Woodley would march forward.

Woodley landed a hard one-two in the fourth round and had Paul falling on the ropes, stumbling to get his feet back under him.

Many questioned Paul's answer to absorbing those power punches that Woodley could unleash at any moment. Woodley taunted Paul and then played out the round.

Rounds went by and Woodley didn't match those punches that nearly took Paul through the ropes. Paul regained composure and established a stiff jab that kept distance between him and the former five-time UFC champ.

Woodley's striking output dropped off after a short flurry that had MMA fans in wonder if the old, dominant champ is finally back.

Paul went on to win a split-decision on the judges scorecards. Yet again fans are left to see that for the fifth time in a row (four in MMA, one in pro boxing), that Woodley looks hesitant to throw strikes and prove that he can still compete at a high level.