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Pros react to Tyron Woodley’s Jake Paul tattoo, Dan Hardy roasts ex-UFC champ

Tyron Woodley
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Tyron Woodley settled a bet with Jake Paul on Monday and the rest of the MMA community had something to say about it.

Prior to their recent Showtime boxing bout, Paul and Woodley made an informal bet that the loser would have to have the winner’s name tattooed somewhere on their body. Paul defeated Woodley by decision, and afterward, the topic of the tattoo immediately came up. Woodley said he would get the tattoo if Paul agreed to a rematch, and initially, Paul agreed before deciding to move on when the ink wasn’t committed on fight night.

Later, the former UFC welterweight champion announced that he would be getting the tattoo, and on Monday, he shared a picture with “I love Jake Paul” inked across his middle finger.

His MMA peers were quick to comment, with reactions ranging from secondhand embarrassment to questions over whether the tattoo is even real. Former UFC fighter Dan Hardy went as far as demonstrate how easily the tattoo could be faked.

See Hardy’s comments and more below.

Seemingly aware of the criticism, Woodley later shared a video showing part of the procedure.

Soon, Woodley turned his attention to Hardy.

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