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Tyron Woodley shows off his ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo on his middle finger, Paul responds

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Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Tyron Woodley looks to have some new ink in honor of Jake Paul.

The former UFC welterweight champion has apparently followed up on the pre-fight wager he made with Paul ahead of their recent Showtime boxing bout this past August. Paul and Woodley informally proposed that the losing fighter get a tattoo somewhere on their body, but after Woodley lost a decision to Paul he initially reneged on the deal unless Paul agreed to a rematch.

Woodley later said he would go through with having the tattoo done and on Monday, he shared a photo on Instagram of his middle finger with “I love Jake Paul” inked across it.

Woodley tagged Paul in the accompanying caption:

I love you son. Now come and get this ass whippin cause i heard you been talking back to your elders. #ManOfMyWord


Tattoo artist Rubia Santana is credited for the work.

Initially, it was unclear if Woodley actually added a permanent tattoo to his body or if it was simply a gag to further his feud with Paul. Woodley later shared a video of the procedure, presumably in response to skeptics.

Paul shared his thoughts on the tattoo via an Instagram story, running down why he believes Woodley got the ink.

@jakepaul, Instagram

1. Tyron got the wire from the fight

2. Tyron bought a used Bentley

3. Tyron got on a call with his accountant

4. His accountant told him how much he had to pay in taxes

5. Tyron got the tattoo