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UFC 266 Tweets: Fighters react to Robbie Lawler’s win over Nick Diaz

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There were glimpses of the old Nick Diaz at UFC 266, and many clear looks of the current Nick Diaz as he returned after a six-year layoff to rematch Robbie Lawler.

Seventeen years after the grizzled MMA vets faced off in the octagon at UFC 47, Lawler came out ahead with a third-round TKO that was called when Diaz sunk to the canvas

and didn’t answer referee Jason Herzog’s prompt to rise. The official time of stoppage was 0:44 for Lawler, who helped up his two-time foe and shared a moment of appreciation after overwhelming him with a right hook and uppercut.

Here’s what fighters had to say about Robbie Lawler vs. Nick Diaz 2 at UFC 266.