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Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk full fight video highlights

Watch Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk full fight video highlights from their clash above, courtesy of DAZN and other outlets.

Joshua vs. Usyk took place Sept. 25 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England. Anthony Joshua (24-2) and Oleksandr Usyk (19-0) collided in the main event. The fight aired live on DAZN. Anthony Joshua put his WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight titles on the line against Oleksandr Usyk.

Oleksandr Usyk defeats Anthony Joshua via unanimous decision (117-112, 116-112, 115-113)

Catch more video highlights below.

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JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 1

Usyk with a good little left early, lands clean. Joshua shoots a right to the chest, doesn’t land. Size difference is clear and Joshua is out here center ring looking to start quick. Usyk bouncing around at a bit of range. Both pawing with their jab hands. AJ with a right hand. Good left again from Usyk! Really stuck that one in. Joshua’s right doesn’t land, hook behind it is all air. Usyk with a left to the body. Usyk in constant motion. Another left from Usyk.

Usyk 10-9

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 2

Joshua poking his jab a bit more to start this round. Usyk staying in motion, creating angles. Hook from Joshua doesn’t land, but got close, may have grazed like a press conference slap. Both feinting a lot. Little pokes to the body from Usyk, changing the levels. Joshua has stayed composed here, he’s being troubled but he’s not panicking at all. It’s a long fight, he knows that. AJ to the body with a right, not a hard shot but it got there. And there’s the left hand up top again from Usyk. As calm as Joshua is, so is Usyk. And he’s using his boxing skills. Right from Joshua is caught mostly on the glove, and Usyk fires right back. Another left backs Joshua down a bit.

Usyk 10-9, 20-18

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 3

Joshua again trying to get the jab going, trying to move forward now. Usyk trying to fire back when he does get touched. Not leaving gaps for judges to score for AJ on little shots if he can help it. Another pair of lefts from Usyk. He’s giving AJ nightmares with that punch so far, and it’s coming from the footwork. Joshua might want to give up on boxing Usyk and try to beat on him, because this is a dicey game to be playing. AJ moving his head well, too, is the thing; he’s getting caught at times, but it’s not like he’s not trying to do the right things, he’s just getting hit. Joshua trying to close the gap, hasn’t been able to do that effectively so far. Jabs from Joshua. Another straight left from Usyk, feinting and baiting again. Another one and JOSHUA IS HURT! JOSHUA HAS TO HANG ON WITH 15 SECONDS LEFT IN THE ROUND! Joshua fires a right back and may have shaken Usyk just a hair there himself, but that’s a big statement from Usyk.

Usyk 10-9, 30-27

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 4

Starting the round fast, Usyk lands again, Joshua goes off balance but that was more a slip on the balance. But Joshua is clearly starting to lose the plot and needs to adjust quickly. Usyk with a small mark under the right eye. Usyk looking more aggressive now, like he knows he’s got this in hand, like it’s all going his way. And it has so far. His jab has worked well, too, and has cut AJ down trying to close the distance. Right hand from Joshua, but Usyk comes right back at him again. Joshua holds quickly. AJ trying to move in more and Usyk lands a left again. A better round for Joshua, at least compared to the third.

Usyk 10-9, 40-36

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 5

Usyk with a little right uppercut. He’s making Joshua miss a lot even when AJ does throw. But AJ trying to jab. Usyk with a left to the body, then up top again, changing those levels. Left up top just misses for Usyk. Body shots from Joshua, and a good one in there did land. AJ starting to do a little better last round and this. He’s at least looking more active and in the tempo with Usyk. Straight left from Usyk again. Right hand back from Joshua. Joshua shot on a right as Usyk steps back, but then he gets one in just after. Thought this was Joshua’s best round.

Joshua 10-9, Usyk 49-46

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 6

Usyk looking to the body again. First minute of this round a lot of feinting. Then a nice little popping jab from Usyk just as the minute starts to wind down. Joshua stalking more now. He does look like he’s gained some confidence in the last two and change. Combo from Usyk, Joshua tries to come back with a right. Another little left from Usyk, kind of on the hip bone there. Usyk wants that left up top, trying to set it up. Joshua may have just stung Usyk just a bit with a little shot, and he catches him coming in with a right hand. Usyk takes it well, but the crowd woke up in those seconds. Straight right from Joshua.

Joshua 10-9, Usyk 58-56

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 7

Hey, we don’t get to say this as much as we’d like: Good damn boxing match we’ve got here.

Joshua trying to start fast again this round, but settles in when the initial little crack at something doesn’t land. Usyk with a good shot and Joshua has to back up again. Left again from Usyk. Another one. Joshua taking them well, though. Another good left from Usyk who capitalizes on Joshua dropping his hands for just a moment. Usyk now showing some good adjustment this round. Good jab from Usyk. He’s having a nice round. Straight left and Joshua wobbles back but stays up! Another shot from Usyk moments later! Joshua’s not rocked, feet got tied up, but you do have to reset from that and Usyk knows that and is trying to capitalize. Round winding down, good stuff again.

Usyk 10-9, 68-65

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 8

A minute passes here, nothing big. Joshua lands a little right, then a better one. Joshua pressuring better this round. Body shot and up top with the right from AJ. He’s making the adjustments here. Good shot to the chest there from Joshua. Usyk swinging sloppy, rare for him, and he misses it all. Does land a shot after, but AJ comes right back. Uppercut to the body again from Joshua. He’s found a home for that. Left from Usyk misses, little pit-a-pat after doesn’t do much. There has been very little clinching here, this has been just pure boxing for the most part. Right to the body from AJ again.

Joshua 10-9, Usyk 77-75

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 9

Usyk trying to open up early in this round. Getting a little ragged now, Usyk showing some signs of fatigue. He’s expended a lot of energy moving around as much as he has. Joshua lands. Right hand on the inside from Joshua. Usyk with a jab, he’s mostly boxing well this round, this is winnable with a minute left. Joshua’s right hand clips Usyk, who backs down a bit. Big left from Usyk lands! Joshua back with a body shot and trying to close that distance, Usyk ties up when he reaches the ropes. Jab again from Usyk, and a rocket left just misses for him before the bell.

Usyk 10-9, 87-84

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 10

Usyk starting this round well, landing his lefts, and Joshua has blood coming from the nose. Right hand from Joshua. Usyk definitely looks the more fatigued but it’s not terribly affecting his output, really. Usyk cut over the right eye now. Right hand from AJ. AJ off balance but finds his feet quickly and throws shots. Joshua with a little body whack as they tie up briefly. Left hand from Usyk. They’re stepping on each others feet more now. Usyk having a nice round here, looking assertive and like he’s trying to finish things if he can. Joshua with a big mouse under the right eye. Hell of a fight.

Usyk 10-9, 97-93

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 11

Joshua gets caught with another left, nearly ate a knockout blow there but just slipped it. Joshua back with a decent right hand. Roy Jones Jr seems keyed in only on what Joshua’s doing. Four-punch combo by Usyk. Joshua has a confused look in his eyes for a moment and lightly ties up. Usyk putting in great work. Good body shot from Usyk.

Usyk 10-9, 107-102

JOSHUA vs USYK: Round 12

Usyk is not looking to leave this round up to chance, he’s coming out fast. Counter right from AJ, and he gets another in, but Usyk rips back with two fast left hands. Another left from Usyk. Another one. These aren’t bombs, but they’re meaningful, scoring shots. Another one. Joshua may be hurt there. This is a lot of shots landing this late. Joshua with a right, about a minute left, and Usyk sticks another left in. Jab and a left again. AJ is trying to stalk but his legs aren’t all the way there. AJ swinging but Usyk is still landing the better shots. Good shots from Usyk! JOSHUA’S HURT AND REELING WITH 15 SECONDS LEFT! USYK TRYING TO FINISH AS JOSHUA STUMBLES INTO THE ROPES, BUT WE WILL HEAR THE FINAL BELL!

Usyk 10-9, 117-111

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