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Morning Report: Tyron Woodley announces that he’s getting the ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo this weekend

UFC 201 Media Day
Tyron Woodley
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Tyron Woodley is ready to follow through on his bet with Jake Paul.

Last month, Woodley faced Paul in an eight-round boxing match, and in the leadup to the bout, Paul and Woodley made a bet where if Paul won, Woodley would get an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo and vice versa. Paul ended up winning a split decision over Woodley which should have concluded the bet; however, immediately after the decision was announced, Woodley campaigned for a rematch and while the two were going back and forth in the ring, Paul said that if Woodley got the “I love Jake Paul” tattoo, he would give him the rematch. But Woodley ended up dragging his feet on having the ink done, demanding Paul sign a fight contract first, so Paul moved on from the fight, instead targeting a bout with Tommy Fury next. That fight is running into its own issues though and now, perhaps as a last-ditch effort to secure a rematch, Woodley says he’s going to follow through on his original bet with Paul.

“Tommy Fury should have never even been in position for the bag,” Woodley said on Instagram with Ariel Helwani. “I’m gonna just let the week go through and see what happens. I think the most sensible thing to do is run it back, I think I’m getting this tattoo Saturday, by the way. Yeah, I just feel like I should do it because it’s a solid thing to do. I’m going to do it on Saturday.”

Paul issued some very specific guidelines for Woodley with regard to the tattoo, saying he cannot get it covered and that is must be visible with shorts and a shirt on. Woodley says he has not yet decided where he will get it, but he’s considering putting it on his knuckles.

“I don’t know yet, I’m gonna think about it,” Woodley said. “Not neck, not face. I should have put it across my f*cking knuckles. To me it’s like this, if a dude wants to pay me to whip his ass, since he supposedly ‘paid me and promoted the fight’, then I love you. (Laughs). Because you’re that dumb.”

Whether getting the tattoo will incentivize Paul to offer Woodley a rematch still remains to be seen. Their fight last month reportedly sold 500,000 pay-per-views which is a solid number but a far cry from the 1 million that Paul sold when he faced Ben Askren earlier this year. Ultimately, it could come down to how the negotiations with Tommy Fury go for Paul. Or perhaps UFC President Dana White will have a change of heart and give Paul what he really wants, a fight with BMF Champion Jorge Masvidal.


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Good for Tyron. A bet’s a bet. If you don’t want to have an awful tattoo, don’t make it in the first place. I doubt this moves the needle for Jake Paul but I respect Woodley following through.

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.



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