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Jake Paul claims Tommy Fury twice turned down fight, ups offer to $1 million

Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley
Jake Paul
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Jake Paul is opening up the checkbook to make a boxing match with Tommy Fury happen.

In a bid to set up his next high-profile boxing bout, Paul has taken to social media to put the pressure on Fury to fight him. Paul upped the ante for a potential fight with Fury, announcing in an Instagram Story that he is offering the Love Island star seven figures to fight him.

“Tommy Fury has now denied two offers to fight me,” Paul claimed. “This would be the highest payday of his career, the best thing he could possibly do. If he really believes he could beat Jake Paul then why would you not take this?

“‘Timmy,’ this is your last offer: Eight rounds, one million dollars. Eight rounds, one million dollars. That’s four times more than you’ve ever been paid. So either sign the dotted line or just stop f*cking wasting my team and I’s time.”

A bout between Paul—a YouTube star and social media maven—and Fury has been discussed since the two were both scheduled to box at an Aug. 29 Showtime boxing event headlined by Paul and former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Both fighters earned decision victories at the event, with Fury defeating Anthony Taylor in a four-round undercard bout. Following his win, Fury called for a bout with Paul.

Paul also took to Twitter to share a clip of Fury’s father praising Paul as well as questioning why potential opponents have been hesitant to sign on the dotted line to face him.

Through various negotiations from the last fight with some MMA guys and seeing some negotiations now..I find it ironic that these “real fighters” are hesitant to sign against me whilst I’m sat here waiting to sign with a hard on ready to go to battle against anyone.

The money is there.. (biggest paydays ever x 4-5) The clout they gain is there.. The chance of a lifetime to end Jake Paul’s boxing career is there.. So why aren’t they signing?.. I think I know..

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