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Tyron Woodley responds to Jake Paul calling off rematch: ‘It sounds like he’s just scared to fight’

Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Tyron Woodley said he was willing to get a tattoo that said “I love Jake Paul” the night of his split call loss to the YouTube star. He said nothing has changed about the bet they made at the media day for the fight – there’s only a new one now.

Paul on Monday told The MMA Hour he’s moved on from a rematch with Woodley after the ex-UFC welterweight champ “wasn’t a man of his word” and didn’t get the tattoo. In Woodley’s mind, that left out a new wrinkle in the deal.

“He, out of his own mouth, said, ‘If you get the tattoo, then we’ll run it back,’” Woodley told MMA Fighting, referring to their in-ring negotiation after the fight. “And I said, ‘Bet.’ And he said, ‘Bet,’ and we shook hands on it. I don’t know what world he’s in, but I feel as if that superceded the original bet, and I sat there, and his management walked up to me, and he said, ‘This is what the numbers are going to look like.’ I said, ‘Bet. Let’s do it.’ He said, ‘Alright, cool, it needs to be done tonight.’ So I sat up until three or four in the morning, waiting for them to hit us back. I talked to my manager, and I said, ‘What’s the deal? Where’s the tattoo person at?’ And he said, ‘Hold on one second, they said hold on,’ and it got strung out all night. I don’t know if they ever even heard back.

“It went from, ‘Get the tattoo, and it’s a rematch,’ to ‘get the tattoo and we’ll think about a rematch,’ to, ‘Oh, he didn’t get the tattoo, so there’s no rematch.’ It sounds like he’s just f*cking scared to fight. He knows he squeaked out by the hair on his chinny chin chin; a lot of people thought he lost the fight. He got saved by the ropes. Man, sh*t, if I was him, maybe I’d just run off into the wind, as well. But if he’s sitting there acting like that’s not why we’re doing the fight, he’s a f*cking liar.”

Until his phone started blowing up with people asking about Paul calling off the rematch, Woodley said he’d been waiting for a contract to show up for a second fight. As recently as Sunday, he said he was informed that Paul’s camp was “checking the numbers” for the deal.

Woodley was anxious to get back into training camp and correct the mistakes he made in the first bout. As far as the business side of things, he hoped the argument for a rematch would make itself.

“I can’t make another man fight me,” he said. “At the end of the day, I’m not going to beg another man to fight me. But if you’re looking at a prize fighting sport that’s talking about me making money, me and Jake might go down as having the fourth overall pay-per-view.

“Nobody wants to watch no damn Tommy Fury. They saw us fight already, there’s some controversy. Some people thought I won. Some people thought there was controversy that I haven’t even brought up yet, that we were like, ‘Ah, that wasn’t in the original agreement.’ I still feel like it’s unresolved. This is the beginning of a trilogy, and no other fight option that he has is going to do what we did with just organic drama.”

Fighting in the UFC, Woodley said it took 90 days for him to find out his cut of the UFC 205 pay-per-view event he co-headlined with Conor McGregor, which garnered 1.3 million buys. He said Showtime took far less time to come back with the initial numbers for the Aug. 29 boxing match, which he said stood at 1.3 million; a recent report put the number at less than half that with a preliminary buyrate of approximately 500,000 buys.

Asked about his windfall from his professional boxing debut, Woodley played it coy.

“Man, I was already rich in the spirit,” he said. “I like to think I hang around with people that elevate me, so I like to think I was already rich in the spirit when I went into this fight. It was fun. To be real, the buildup for this fight was a lot of fun, and the training was a lot of fun, and I was having fun with it again, and part of that was because it was Jake. I knew I always had to keep my eyes open for some dumb sh*t. He’s like a child, and it was entertaining.”

Paul targeted “BMF” champion – and sometime Woodley training partner – Jorge Masvidal as the ideal opponent for his next fight, though he said his team was in talks with at least four different parties. Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, was an early favorite to get the next opportunity after defeating Anthony Taylor on the undercard of the Aug. 29 event, and the two exchanged words in the hallway of the arena in Cleveland.

Woodley had a pointed message for his one-time opponent on taking another foe.

“Jake, get your ass whooped again,” he said. “This time, I’m putting your ass down. I don’t want to take about no other fight. All I’m thinking about is getting back into training camp, fixing those small errors, and just not getting out of shape. ... Any opponent you say, f*ck all that noise, let’s get this sh*t cracking again.”

There are plenty of tattoo parlors in America to fulfill the bet.

“I made the suggestion earlier, since he wanted to go viral, get on Instagram Live, let me tell you about yourself and how much of a little b*tch you are and we’ll get the tattoo right then and there,” Woodley said. “If that’s all it is, and if he says it’s too late, then you know it had nothing to do with the tattoo. It had everything to do with him running away and saying, ‘We got away with that bank heist, nobody caught us, and we’ll count our blessings.’”

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