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Morning Report: Michael Bisping reacts to Anderson Silva’s resurgence in boxing: ‘He truly is one of the greatest of all time’

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Bisping/Silva (EL, MMA F)

On Saturday, Anderson Silva continued his remarkable resurgence, knocking out Tito Ortiz in the co-main event of Triller Fight Club’s latest offering. This was Silva’s second win in boxing in 2021, having taken a unanimous decision over former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. earlier this year, and somehow, the 46-year old former UFC middleweight champion has become the feel-good story of combat sports, so uplifting in fact, that former rival Michael Bisping couldn’t help but be impressed by “The Spider” on Saturday.

“Anderson Silva is one of the greatest martial artists that the human race has ever seen,” Bisping said on his YouTube channel. “He is a modern-day Bruce Lee. Anderson Silva truly is one of the greatest of all time and that is just a fact....

“Tito said he’s gonna go out there and punch a hole in his head and he’s a fighter all the rest of it, and he ain’t gonna use none of that wing-chun bollocks on him. That is not the way you fight Anderson Silva. You can’t go in against Anderson Silva and be aggressive... No way. Anderson Silva’s timing is impeccable, his reflexes are cat-like, urban cat-like, and the diversity of attacks that Anderson Silva has is mind-blowing.... Tito should have known coming into this fight against Anderson that you have to be strategic.”

Ortiz was in fact, not very strategic. Ortiz came out swinging, pushing Silva back into the corner of the ring and unloading combinations that mostly missed the mark. It didn’t take long for Silva to read Ortiz and then floor the former UFC light heavyweight champion with a right hook, just 81 seconds into the fight.

Bisping, of course, has his own long history with Silva. After chasing a fight with “The Spider” for years, Bisping finally got his wish in 2016, winning a unanimous decision over Silva in a bout steeped in controversy. In the third round, Silva landed a flying knee at the buzzer that dropped Bisping. Silva then attempted to treat the blow like a walk-off KO, however, Herb Dean did not stop the fight and the bout continued in the fourth round, where Bisping was ultimately able to hang onto a win. Following the fight, Silva of course maintained he should have won and when adding in Silva’s history with failed drug tests - a topic Bisping has zero tolerance for - the two have not had the greatest history together. But Bisping says all that is in the past and now he’s just like the rest of the MMA fandom, excited to see Silva doing his thing.

“For Anderson Silva to still be doing this, at this level, at 46 years old, after the career that he had in mixed martial arts - we all know the fall from grace that he had, he lost a few fights and then he ended up getting knocked out by Uriah Hall, it looked like it was over, but he really has had a rebirth and as a fan of Anderson Silva, and make no mistake, I’m a fan of Anderson Silva, you have to be. How can you not respect the body of work?” Bisping said. “And also the way that he carries himself? Of course he had the little thing with the steroids and whatnot and you all know my view on that and when I fought him, I let him know my thoughts on that, make no mistake, I punished him for it, I made a fool out of him, I insulted him to the highest degree. But that’s water under the bridge, and Saturday night, Anderson Silva looked absolutely fantastic. So well done to Anderson, there’s still life in the old dog yet.”

Following the win, Silva played coy on what is next for him. The former UFC middleweight champion has said he wants to continue fighting but he hasn’t been quick to call anyone out. However, the fanbase is not so measured. MMA fans immediately began calling for Silva to take on Jake Paul and though it’s a fight that fits Paul career arc pretty well, it’s also one that Bisping thinks might be too much for the upstart boxer at this stage of his career.

“What’s next for Anderson Silva? I don’t know but every part of my body says that if Jake Paul really wants a tough test, Anderson Silva is your man,” Bisping concluded. “Look no further. You think you’ve got what it takes and you want to pick off somebody that’s not in their prime - Anderson Silva is 46, many knockouts now, he’s long in the tooth, a battle-worn veteran - but Anderson Silva will give you everything you don’t want, so be careful.”


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I just realized today that Anderson Silva is not in the UFC Hall of Fame yet. What a silly organization.

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.



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