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Video: Jan Blachowicz stumbles in Polish version of ‘Ninja Warrior’

Jan Blachowicz has met his match.

The reigning UFC light heavyweight champion might be running through his opponents in the octagon, but when it came to run the obstacle course on the Polish version of the Ninja Warrior series (Ninja Warrior Polska), Blachowicz fell short of the competition.

Watch Blachowicz’s Ninja Warrior attempt above.

Things start off well enough for Blachowicz as he hops over a set of escalating, angled pedestals before nailing a rope swing. He maintained his grip and balance on the next tricky section of the course, but that was the last taste of success Blachowicz would have. Faced with having to traverse a set of wobbly pillars, Blachowicz stumbled and soon ended up splashing down in a pool below.

Blachowicz was in good spirits after, probably not feeling too badly considering he’s more known for his punching power, toughness, and technique in the UFC rather than his feats of agility. In his tweet, Blachowicz joked, “See what happens when I don’t have my lucky bracelet with me,” a reference to the lucky charm that he made for himself out of a hanged man’s noose.

The Polish star is not the only UFC fighter to appear on the Ninja Warrior series. UFC strawweight Felice Herrig twice attempted to beat the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course in 2015 and 2016.

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