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UFC 265 results: Jose Aldo looks better than ever in dominant unanimous decision win over Pedro Munhoz

UFC 265: Aldo v Munoz Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Jose Aldo is still improving and looking better than ever after winning a dominant decision over Pedro Munhoz in the UFC 265 co-main event.

As his pursuit of gold continues, Aldo put together a strong boxing attack that blasted away at Munhoz with numerous stinging combinations over three rounds. Aldo was fast on his feet and deadly with his hands while picking Munhoz apart to win the fight with all three judges scoring the fight 30-27 in his favor.

“I’ve been working a lot,” Aldo said about his constant improvements between fights. “I want to be a champion in this division. I’ve been dedicating myself a lot in Brazil.”

As the fight started, Munhoz showed no fear stepping into the pocket to throw shots with Aldo but the former featherweight champion was playing good defense and then returning fire with hard punches to the body and head. The activity from Munhoz had him moving forward with regularity but Aldo was fast with his counters, showing speed and power in his hands.

Undeterred by facing a UFC legend, Munhoz was still landing with shots of his own and not giving Aldo a second to breathe while both fighters were throwing fiery combinations.

After receiving some advice from his head coach between rounds, Aldo started throwing a really effective jab and then following behind it with the vicious body shots that have been a staple of his entire career. Whenever Aldo got a little too aggressive, however, Munhoz was firing back and connecting with effective strikes of his own.

With five minutes remaining, Aldo came out like a bull as he unleashed several powerful combinations in an attempt to take off Munhoz’s head. While Munhoz was able to hang in there, Aldo found a home for a well-timed triple jab and another power punch that snapped his opponent’s head around.

Even though it wasn’t a part of his bigger strategy, Aldo did throw out one particularly nasty leg kick late in the fight that actually put Munhoz down for a second and he followed with a damaging punch behind it.

Aldo’s superior boxing, accuracy and power were ultimately just too much for Munhoz over the course of the fight, which helped him secure the victory as he wins his second fight in a row overall.

Considering the career he’s put together already, it’s hard to imagine how Aldo could somehow get even better now that he’s competing at 135 pounds but that’s exactly what appears to be happening as he takes out another ranked opponent at UFC 265.

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