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Derrick Lewis vs. Ciryl Gane full fight video highlights

Ciryl Gane and Derrick Lewis at UFC 265
Ciryl Gane defeats Derrick Lewis in the UFC 265 main event Saturday night.
Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Watch Derrick Lewis vs. Ciryl Gane full fight video highlights from their UFC 265 showdown above, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

Lewis vs. Gane took place Aug. 7 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Derrick Lewis (25-8, 1 no-contest) and Ciryl Gane (10-0) collided in the UFC 265 main event. The fight aired live on ESPN+ pay-per-view. Catch more video highlights below.

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Round 1

Gane comes out southpaw and Lewis in orthodox and Gane is bouncy and light on his feet right from the start. The first action of the night is a high kick from Lewis where he slips but he’s back up. Gane is slowly backing Lewis up to the fence and probing with some side kicks. Gane’s hands are very low which is his style but man, that feels risky.

Gane pokes about five light low kicks on Lewis and then draws Lewis out into the center. Gane is controlling the range here and being very patient. Lewis too is waiting for his opportunity, barely doing anything. Now Lewis comes forward quickly but Gane simply runs away and resets.

With three minutes down, Gane is now committing to some low kicks at long range. Lewis has landed literally zero strikes though so Gane is ahead even though those kicks aren’t much. A stray kick from Lewis grazes the cup for Gane and the action is paused. Gane shakes it off after a minute and they’re back.

Despite having not done much, Lewis is sweating like Patrick Ewing in a playoff game right now. Gane, meanwhile could be taking a stroll in the park. Gane misses a kick and spins through but Lewis is on him and so Gane runs away. It’s not fan friendly but it’s working. Now Gane lands a hard leg kick and both men exchange punches to the eye. Not a ton happened that round but a clear Gane round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Gane.

Round 2

Lewis’ coach not thrilled with his first round. Reasonable.

Gane looking extremely loose to start this round. Lewis is having to explode to cover distance and land offense and Gane is just running away when that happens. Until it does though, Gane is content to chip away with leg kicks and the occasional long jab or cross.

Gotta give Gane credit, for a relative MMA novice, he does not care a bit about pleasing the fans. He’s here to win. Lewis charges forward and gets a clinch but Gane is out before it even begins and Lewis is now starting to charge in more. Gane not willing to counter him, just playing for safety and that’s really minimizing Lewis’ opportunities.

Gane jumps in with a knee and Lewis grabs a clinch but Gane is proving to be the stronger man in this positions. Unclear if it’s power, technique, or both, but Gane spins Lewis to the fence with ease and lands some knees before breaking.

Honestly, not much to say about this fight. Gane is landing a leg kick or jab every 10 seconds or so and Lewis cannot get anything going. Gane gets a clinch and after doing nothing for a second, he breaks with a good elbow. That’s the best strike of the fight.

Derrick Lewis is 2 for 17 on his strike attempts thus far. That says it all.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Gane, 20-18 Gane overall.

Round 3

This is the big round for Lewis. He often holds something back and then starts getting to work in the third and he needs that now because Gane is comfortably ahead.

Unfortunately though, early it’s not looking like that. Lewis is coming forward more but now Gane is circling and landing actual leg kicks and Lewis is starting to react to those. Lewis still can’t get anything going.

Lewis gets a clinch and is deep on underhooks but he cannot finish a takedown. Gane is so strong in the clinch and Lewis is looking a bit defeated in there. Gane is now starting to really dig into those leg kicks and Lewis is hurt!

Gane trying to pour it on and Gane lands a big shot that hurts Lewis! Lewis is covering up! Gane is dropping big shots! Lewis explodes back but can’t land the big shot. Gane with a monster knee! Lewis is dropped! Miragliotta giving him every chance! Lewis stands up and swings but Gane not relenting.

WHAT! Miragliotta stops the action to replace Lewis’ mouthpiece?!? Restart. Gane firing shots again. Lewis swings but but Gane cracks him. Lewis drops again and he’s done. Wow.

Cyril Gane stops Derrick Lewis in the third.

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