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UFC 265 results: Tecia Torres puts on striking showcase to beat Angela Hill by unanimous decision

UFC 265: Torres v Hill Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Tecia Torres answered Angela Hill’s challenge with an emphatic performance to win a unanimous decision in their rematch at UFC 265.

Prior to the event, Hill had complained that their first fight — a grappling heavy affair six years ago — was incredibly boring so Torres decided to keep the fight standing from the first second until nearly the last as she put on a striking showcase over three rounds. When it was over, the judges scored the fight 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 as Torres got the win and notched her third victory in a row overall.

“I’m super satisfied,” Torres said about her performance. “The first one she said was the most boring fight in the UFC but I think tonight we put on a show for you guys. Mick [Maynard], Dana [White], you guys know I want a top five fight.”

In the battle of strikers, Torres was incredibly quick on her fight like usual but Hill was doing a good job timing her punches and kicks and coming back with some of her own. Hill was finding a home for her right hand as well as several front kicks that were keeping Torres honest during the exchanges.

The fast footwork from Torres did pay off when she was throwing combinations, which always seemed to result in at least one or two shots landed as she unleashed a flurry of strikes.

While Hill was moving forward, Torres was employing great side-to-side movement combined with a slick side kick that kept pushing her fellow Ultimate Fighter veteran back. Torres has never been known as a power puncher but she did crack Hill with a couple of hooks in the second round that twisted her opponent’s head around.

The barrage continued as Torres was making Hill pay every time she got within range as she was throwing three and four strikes in succession. Hill was lucky to return fire with a single punch, which then forced her to turn to her grappling in an attempt to change the momentum in the fight.

Hill did manage to close the gap slightly in terms of output in the third round but Torres was still giving as good as she was getting in order to close out the fight and feel confident in her victory.

A constant threat at 115 pounds, Torres has looked better than ever during her current run and now she’ll look ahead at a higher ranked opponent after putting Hill behind her once and for all after going 2-0 against her with the victory on Saturday night.

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