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UFC 265 video: Miles John flattens Anderson dos Santos with brutal third-round knockout

Miles Johns picked up his second straight knockout victory with an emphatic finish at UFC 265.

The former Contender Series winner was far and away the better striker than Anderson dos Santos, which allowed Johns to just pick his opponent apart from the very start of the fight. After a series of devastating leg kicks through the first two rounds, Johns went hard to the body with a punch and then swung a huge hook behind it to absolutely demolish dos Santos.

As soon as the Brazilian hit the canvas, the referee was rushing into stop the fight with the end coming at 1:16 in the third round.

“It was great,” Johns said about his win. “Almost two years ago I was in this same exact cage on my back and I stood up and knew it was my time to go. To get redemption like this, it feels so, so great.

“The game plan is really just find our targets. We got all these tools in our arsenal and we just bring out whichever one we need.”

As he shut down every attempt dos Santos made to drag him to the ground, Johns just proved over and over again he was the superior stand-up fighter as he began unleashing a series of nasty combinations that were constantly landing on target.

At first it appeared Johns might stop the fight with leg kicks after he blasted away at dos Santos’ foundation and he just didn’t have much of an answer to protect himself. Still, Johns stayed patient rather than over pursuing a knockout that could potentially get him into trouble.

Finally as the third round got started, Johns knew he was in complete control and that’s when he threw the left-right combo with the body shot followed by the knockout blow that put dos Santos down for the final time.

The highlight reel finish puts Johns on a two-fight win streak with his overall UFC record at 3-1 as he looks towards the future in the bantamweight division.

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