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Jake Paul announces ‘tattoo guidelines’ for Tyron Woodley following boxing win

Was Sunday the end of the Jake Paul show in combat sports?

Paul swiped a page out of the Conor McGregor playbook Monday night by tweeting that he was now a “retired boxer” in the aftermath of his split decision win over Tyron Woodley.

Paul, of course, may simply be doing some light trolling given how hard Woodley has pushed for a rematch in the 24 hours since the bout’s conclusion. McGregor has used the same tactics for attention in the past, most memorably tweeting that he had “decided to retire young” in April 2016 and igniting a minor commotion on social media.

That could certainly be the case on Monday with Paul, considering that his follow-up tweet was directed at Woodley with a set of “tattoo guidelines” to fulfill the pair’s ongoing bet.

Woodley, for his part, said Monday on The MMA Hour that he’d be happy to get an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo as long as it means Paul agrees to a rematch.

“This is all part of the story,” Woodley said. “Because when I whoop his ass, I’m going to look at that tattoo and I’m going to laugh. And it’s probably going to be a trilogy because he’s going to want to try to get revenge back, and we’ll have a whole f*cking Rocky thing.”

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