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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley official scorecard

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Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley official scorecard reveals how the judges scored the boxing match that took place on Sunday in Cleveland.

Paul took home a split decision victory after eight rounds of cruiserweight action in the main event of the Showtime pay-per-view event at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. Two judges gave the YouTube star turned boxer the fight via scores of 77-75 and 78-74, while one dissented for Woodley, 77-75.

Both Paul and Woodley afterward denounced the scoring, which showed widespread disagreement on the winners of each round.

Judges Jaime Garayua, Phil Rogers and Dana DePaulo agreed on just three rounds: 1 and 2 for Paul and 4 for Woodley. The remainder they disagreed on with Rogers scoring the last five rounds of the fight for Woodley.

Check out the official scorecard above.