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Paul vs. Woodley results: Tommy Fury calls out Jake Paul following lackluster decision win over Anthony Taylor


Tommy Fury remained undefeated with a lopsided win over Anthony Taylor, although it probably wasn’t the ending he wanted.

The 22-year-old younger brother of heavyweight king Tyson Fury was definitely the better boxer while facing a largely overmatched opponent in Taylor but he didn’t manage a knockout or even a knockdown over four rounds. Still, Fury won a unanimous decision with all three judges scoring the fight 40-36 in his favor.

Afterwards, Fury wasted no time turning his attention to the night’s headliner after rumors have swirled for months that he was targeting a future showdown with Jake Paul.

“Jake Paul should have an easy night then so he’s got no excuses on not taking the fight,” Fury said after his win. “Let’s get it on Jake Paul. I have done my bit, you do your bit right tonight, and we’ll get it on.

“It should be easy like I said I just went four rounds with his sparring partner, jump in the ring, it should be no test at all.”

As the much larger man, Fury was quick to dictate the pace from the start as he looked to establish his reach and then just muscling Taylor around in the clinch. Fury was throwing combinations with power behind them while fearing almost no recourse from Taylor in return.

Again and again, Fury was loading up on his uppercut as he waited for Taylor to inevitably duck his head down and dive forward with an overhand right, which appeared to be his best weapon.

In the second round, Taylor was determined to close the distance to try and negate the massive size advantage for Fury but he wasn’t doing much of anything except turning the Cleveland crowd against him. At times, Fury was just teeing off with his punches, although Taylor showed good durability to absorb the punishment.

While Fury was the superior boxer, he was loading up on all of his punches, perhaps looking for the flashy knockout but that didn’t allow him to just land any serious combinations. Still, Taylor was hanging on enough to push the fight into the fourth and final round.

As time was ticking away to the bell, Fury started to turn up the heat in a last ditch effort to dispatch Taylor but the mixed martial arts veteran was tough enough to take the fight to a decision.

Fury is now 7-0 in his career, although he can’t be overly excited with the decision in his fight on Sunday night but he still got the job done after four rounds.

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