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Dana White responds to Jake Paul’s KO threats: ‘Get in line’

UFC 265: Press Conference Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

UFC president Dana White isn’t wasting time worrying about Jake Paul’s empty threats.

White on Saturday was asked to respond to Paul’s recent comments, in which the 24-year-old YouTube star vowed to injure White if the two ran into each other. And White couldn’t help but laugh and poke fun at what he’s seen from Paul’s matchmaking tendencies.

“It actually makes sense,” White said at UFC Vegas 35’s post-fight press conference.

“I’m 52 years old, I’m in the age bracket of guys he fights. So yeah, I could see him wanting to fight me. That’s all he fights are 50-year-olds.”

Paul is scheduled to face his second ex-UFC foe in a row Sunday when he meets former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in an eight-round boxing match on pay-per-view. Paul defeated former UFC welterweight Ben Askren via first-round knockout in April.

Woodley is 39 years old. Askren was 36 years old at the time of his fight.

In the lead-up to both matches with the MMA standouts, Paul delighted in poking and prodding White for the UFC’s treatment of its fighters. When asked this week what he feels will be the inevitable conclusion to his feud with the UFC president, Paul was blunt.

“I think it ends with me running into him in a club in Vegas and knocking him the f*ck out,” Paul told reporters after Wednesday’s Paul vs. Woodley open workouts.

To that, White’s response was a simple one.

“Let me tell you what: Get in line,” White said.

“There’s plenty of people that would like to assault me. Get it line. It’s a long f*cking line, buddy. You’re going to be waiting for a while. It doesn’t bother me. This is the business we’re in. I say it all the time about the fighters too, we are not in the nice guy business. This is a very mean business. I say many mean things about people too, and it’s just part of this game. It’s all good.”

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