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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Results: Live updates of the undercard and main event

MMA Fighting has Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley results live for the Paul vs. Woodley fight card at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio.

When the main event begins, likely around 11:30 p.m. ET, check out our Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley live round-by-round updates on our live blog. Prior to the main event, we’ll have live updates and results on all the undercard fights below.

Check out the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley undercard live blog for the pay-per-view portion that will begin at 8 p.m. ET below:

Main event

Jake Paul defeats Tyron Woodley via split decision | Paul vs. Woodley full fight highlights


Charles Conwell def. Juan Carlos Rubio by third-round TKO (stoppage) (2:49)

Tommy Fury vs. Anthony Taylor

Tommy Fury and Anthony Taylor have entered the ring. Fury is immaculately manicured and wearing a pair of blue trunks with silver stars on them. Taylor in a pair of pink trunks with white feathering. The staredown is intense and the size disparity here is extremely evident.

Round 1: Fury looks enormous in there with Taylor and Taylor looks to press forward to take away some of that size early. Fury content to move off the back foot to start. Taylor is lunging in with big overhand rights to close the distance but he isn’t landing much. Fury isn’t popping a jab to punish him though. Instead, Fury is looking for uppercuts when Taylor steps in.

Taylor swings a wild right hand that lands and Fury clinches up. Back in space, Fury is firing 1-2s and dropping hooks to the body occasionally. Taylor is taking more than he’s landing thus fat.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Fury.

Round 2: Mauro Renallo doing the Lord’s work on the mic, pointing out that Fury’s opposition before this fight have a combined record of 12-247 or something like that. For all his hype, Fury has not done much to merit the love.

A lot of clinching in Round 2 thus far with Taylor offering little offense other than a wild right hand and then closing in. Fury is starting to fire more combinations but nothing is landing very cleanly. That might not matter much though as Taylor is looking WINDED in there. Fury now starting to lead with right hands and Taylor doesn’t like that. He’s eating a lot of offense and the round ends with another combo landing from Fury.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Fury, 20-18 Fury overall.

Round 3: Taylor again pressing the action in the third and Fury is allowing himself to be backed all the way to the ropes before he unloads the right hand. He has zero fear of Taylor and is just looking for the highlight shot and frankly, that’s fair. Taylor isn’t doing much that merits being afraid of.

Fury turns the tables and steps in for a right hand but Taylor slips away and hits the canvas after tripping on Fury’s foot. Not a knockdown but when he gets up, Taylor tries to make something happen to no avail. Now Fury is holding the center of the ring and he’s leading with a jab. That’s nice and it’s opened up some big body shots as well. Taylor getting teed off on now but he’s proving to be game.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Fury, 30-27 overall.

Round 4: Taylor’s cornerman Antonio McKee tells him straight up that he’s not fighting and that’s brutal honesty. It also gets Taylor to bring some verve in the last round. He’s coming in aggressively and even though he’s not scoring, he’s now at least making Fury work. And work Fury is doing. Lot’s of clinching and the boo-birds come out. That’s prompts Fury to press forward and unload some offense and Taylor isn’t doing so hot. His legs are a bit light out there but he’s forcing clinches and Fury can’t get away. Taylor is going to make it to the final bell and lose a clear decision.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Fury, 40-36 Fury overall.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Tommy Fury defeats Anthony Taylor by unanimous decision (40-36 x3).

While not the total disaster a loss would have been, that fight went about as poorly as possible for Fury. Despite having enormous physical advantages, Fury couldn’t even drop Taylor, much less put him away and honestly, didn’t look great anyway. That isn’t the kind of performance that will make Jake Paul want to fight you next.


Logan Paul and AJ McKee Jr. are now being interviewed about the fight. Paul, unsurprisingly, backs his brother tonight and talks about how smart of a fighter Jake is, invoking the age-old adage of “chess with his fists.” McKee talks about Woodley changing disciplines. Nothing really Earth-shattering here.

Montana Love vs. Ivan Baranchyk

Montana Love makes his way to the ring and he is looking majestic. Shirtless and wearing a fur-lined, pink-sequined jacket with trunks to match, Love is the most stylish man I’ve ever seen. Baranchyk, in contrast just walks out in fight trunks and shirtless. If walkouts counted towards the fight, Love already won this by KO.

Round 1: This is a real boxing match between two legitimate, professional fighters and boy does it show immediately. Both men carry themselves like boxers, the pace is measured, and there is actual defense being displayed. Baranchyk is taking the center of rind with Love moving outside. Love’s lead right hand is setting the range thus far, letting him stick Baranchyk outside and providing a check hook when Baranchyk does step in. Really good ring generalship from Love but Baranchyk uglies the fight up in the final 15 seconds lands a good body hook up against the ropes.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Love.

Round 2: Round 2 looks much the same to start. Baranchyk is plodding forward and Love is playing the matador. Love’s footwork has been excellent thus far and he’s found himself almost behind Baranchyk at times. This is Love’s kind of fight and Baranchyk is consenting to it. He just doesn’t have the footwork to corral Love and so he’s offering no real offense and getting countered. Love is particularly starting to find a home for his left hand when he makes Baranchyk miss. And still the jab and check hook are setting the tone.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Love, 20-18 Love overall.

Round 3: Baranchyk coming out with more urgency this round but he’s yet to find a home for his offense and he’s still getting caught with left-straights and jabs. Love is just not there to be hit. He’s not landing with huge power, but he’s the only one landing.

Love gets caught in the corner and Baranchyk unloads on him!! Love running away and Baranchyk blasts him and Love is sitting on the ropes and trying to stay up! The two clinch and Baranchyk can’t get free and Love is able to recover but that could easily have been a knockdown. The get separated and Love is on jimmy legs! He’s on the move now and with short time, Baranchyk chases him down and starts swinging again Love almost falls out of the ring! Baranchyk backs off and Love then wobbles him with a left hand as the bell sounds!

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Baranchyk, 29-28 Love overall.

Round 4: Another referee could have easily scored two knockdowns for Baranchyk in that round and then Love almost turned the tables at the end. Wild stuff but the time off has given Love some time to recover. Not fully though and he’s content to settle against the ropes more. He is able to clear the cobwebs after a time though and now he’s back to space and working the jab.

Baranchyk steps in and Love lands a clean counter left uppercut that hurts Baranchyk! He steps back and Love raises his hand in celebration but it’s very premature as Baranchyk isn’t in trouble. Love lands another combo but Baranchyk is still there and beats his chest to let everyone know he’s fine.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Love, 39-37 Love overall.

Round 5: Love on his bike to start the fifth and Baranchyk is really pressuring now but he’s chasing more than cutting and Love is keeping it safe thus far. This is not the fight for Baranchyk. When he can make it ugly he’s doing well but right now, Love is back to control of this fight and he’s starting to show his class now. Landing clean shots and a right uppercut hurts Baranchyk but Love walks off to celebrate again! Love may not have realized he had Baranchyk hurt! But now he steps in and Baranchyk cracks Love with an enormous left hook! Love stumbles back to the ropes and Baranchyk follows him but misses his haymaker and Love forces a clinch to make it out of the round.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Baranchyk, 48-47 Love overall.

Round 6: Both men appearing to be steady to start the sixth round but Baranchyk looking psyched up. Love really moving this round, trying not to get cornered and he’s landing good jabs and straights as Baranchyk comes in. That 1-2 has become a laser cutting through Baranchyk’s guard. Baranchyk’s footwork is once again failing him and his output this round has been very low but with 30 seconds left he corners Love and unloads again. Nothing major lands this time but he’s making this ugly to close the round out. Baranchyk is then warned for striking the back of the head just before the round ends.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Love, 58-56 Love overall.

Round 7: Love comes out with offense in the seventh and that has Baranchyk covering up early. Love with combinations and Baranchyk was not expecting this and he’s getting tagged and covering up. Blistering start early for Love and this strategy has taken Baranchyk out of his comfort zone right now. With a minute left, Baranchyk starts taking the lead again and gets Love against the ropes but Love is aware and ducks under a haymaker so big that Baranchyk literally spins around and falls down. No knockdown and the round continues with Love on his bike. Baranchyk chases him and lunges in but Love steps off AND FLOORS HIM WITH A LEFT HAND! Baranchyk is up and wants to continue so the round ends with Baranchyk on his feet.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Love, 68-64 Love overall.

And that’s it! Between rounds, Baranchyk’s corner waves the fight off.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Montana Love defeats Ivan Baranchyk by 7th-round TKO.

Daniel Dubois vs. Joe Cusumano

And up next we have a hallmark of any boxing PPV: a heavyweight mismatch. Dubois is a -200 favorite and the Over/Under on this one is 1.5 rounds. So what I’m saying is, expect this to be over quickly.

Round 1: Dubois immediately lands a right hand over the top but Cusumano lands his own right hand on an over-extending Dubois! That’s fun and it prompts an exchange between the two but that exchange doesn’t go well for Cusumano as Dubois drops him with a right behind the ear!

Cusumano takes the full 9 count and the bout continues and Dubois smells blood! He’s coming forward with aggression and Cusumano is standing and throwing back! Cusumano gets dropped again with another right hand! This is going to be over quickly.

Cusumano gets up one more time but Dubois immediately jumps in on the restart and a right hand over the top floors Cusumano one more time with a pair of right hands and this one is over in the first!

OFFICIAL DECISION: Daniel Dubois knocks out Joe Cusumano at 2:10 of Round 1.

Amanda Serrano vs. Yamileth Mercado

Things have moved along pretty well tonight and we’re already here at the co-main event! Amanda Serrano is legitimately awesome and is by far the most accomplished person competing tonight. Winning titles in seven weight classes is no joke.

Round 1: Serrano is the southpaw and she comes out aggressively, cutting the cage and launching her left hand. Mercado isn’t shying away either, standing inside and firing back. That’s causing her to eat a few though and Serrano is starting to push Mercado back. Serrano working hooks to the body too and those can’t feel good. Mercado is game though and she’s hitting back, just without as much power.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Serrano.

Round 2: Serrano starts the second round slightly more measured, perhaps realizing Mercado isn’t going to just fold up shop. Instead, Serrano is cutting angles and pounding the body now and that’s starting to drop Mercado’s hands as well. Man, these two minute rounds go by quickly!

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Serrano, 20-18 Serrano overall.

Round 3: The action thus far has mostly been Serrano but make no mistake, Mercado is giving a good accounting of herself. She’s taking some chances and showing she’s a legitimate champion in her own right but Serrano is faster and by far the bigger puncher and that’s the story of the fight. Mercado is willing to trade one for one and she’s coming out the worst for it. Serrano’s left hand is a piston to the mid-section and Mercado has proven unable to hit Serrano with anything to stop her forward progress.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Serrano, 30-27 Serrano overall.

Round 4: The brawling has actually gotten Serrano’s right eye looking a little worse for wear here and to start the fourth, Serrano comes out looking to box more. She’s keeping the distance and popping the jab with authority. Much more measured this round and as a result, Mercado basically hasn’t landed anything this round. With short time, Mercado recognizes she can’t box with Serrano and gets inside, trying to brawl again and lands a good punch for her effort but no enough to take the round.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Serrano, 40-36 Serrano overall.

Round 5: The slower-paced, boxing-focused approach appears to be how this fight will be from now on as Serrano is really using the reach right now and touching Mercado up. When Mercado is able to get past the jab, Serrano sits down on some hooks and that ends this engagement. With short time, Serrano fires off a series of nasty body shots that gets Mercado backing up and covering up in the corner. Mercado might be wearing down after all this body work.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Serrano, 50-45 Serrano overall.

Round 6: With Mercado almost certainly down by five rounds, her corner implores her to bring the action and it’s really her only shot to make this a fight. And Mercado tries to do so early but Serrano is moving and countering and stops that in its tracks. Now Serrano gets Mercado in the corner and again she rips the body. Serrano is really starting to sit down on punches now and Mercado is feeling it. An uppercut stuns Mercado momentarily and Serrano just keeps firing shots into her. This is Serrano’s best round of the fight.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Serrano, 60-54 Serrano overall.

Round 7: That was a bad round for Mercado and her corner knows it, abandoning technical advice and imploring their fighter to get mad and fight back. Mercado is nothing if not tough though and Serrano is back to the cautious boxing approach. That’s allowing Mercado to build a little confidence though and she’s giving a good accounting of herself in this round. Serrano not taking anything major but Mercado is staying active at least.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Serrano, 70-63 Serrano overall.

Round 8: The pace has slowed substantially in this one now with Serrano really picking her spots. She’s still landing to the body nicely but Mercado is punching right back. Mercado gets inside and starts rough-housing a bit and lands a good right hand but she’s still taking more than she’s giving and this fight is mostly one-way traffic.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Serrano, 80-72 Serrano overall.

Round 9: Apparently a fight has broken out in the stands and you can see fans turning their heads to look at that. Can’t totally blame them as this fight is formulaic at this point: Serrano stepping forward and controlling the distance, landing the jab and the occasional body shot. Mercado trying to counter but missing more often than not and even when she does land, there isn’t a lot of power there. Serrano now turning up the intensity here, swinging hard on hooks and uppercuts to the body. Mercado getting teed off on and playing all defense right now while Serrano exerts her physicality. Mercado has now bee cut underneath the left eye.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Serrano, 90-81 Serrano overall.

Round 10: This fight is all but over and now the question is will Mercado make the final bell. Serrano certainly isn’t trying to let that happen, coming out on the hunt to start the final round. Mercado is swinging with all her might back though and that gets her caught! a counter right hook rolls Mercado’s eyes back but she’s still on her feet! Serrano now hunting the KO but Mercado is on her bike and playing full survival. Her left eye is swelling and she gets blasted by a big left! Mercado is tougher than a coffin nail and Serrano can’t put those in! Serrano swinging free down the stretch trying to get the finish but Mercado hangs on! Tremendous display of heart from Mercado and exceptional skill from Serrano.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Serrano, 100-90 Serrano overall.

Amanda Serrano defeats Yamileth Mercado by unanimous decision (97-93, 98-92, 99-91).

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