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Jake Paul fails to ‘gotcha hat’ on Tyron Woodley as melee nearly breaks out at weigh-ins

Jake Paul is now 1-1 in his attempts to grab the hat off fighters after coming face-to-face with Tyron Woodley and nearly inciting a melee at the Paul vs. Woodley ceremonial weigh-ins on Saturday in Cleveland.

Hours after both fighters made weight without incident, Paul and Woodley engaged in a tense staredown on stage as they stood just over 24 hours away from one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches of the year.

Having tipped the scale at 190 pounds, Paul immediately started snacking on his post weigh-in meal while revealing what he said to Woodley during their faceoff.

“I said you’re dead,” Paul said. “That was it. I tried to grab his cheeks.”

As Paul continued to munch on his chicken fingers, Woodley made his way over to the 24-year-old social influencer. That’s when Paul attempted to grab Woodley’s hat off his head but failed as security and members from both camps swarmed the scene.

While there was some pushing and shoving from members of the two entourages, security was able to intervene to ensure an actual fight didn’t happen. At that point, the shouting continued as the team from Showtime pushed Paul and Woodley to opposite sides of the stage, drawing the weigh-ins to a close with the Cleveland crowd on its feet.

Paul came up with his catchphrase “gotcha hat” after trading trash talk with Floyd Mayweather earlier this year before snatching Mayweather’s hat during a press event for his exhibition bout against Jake’s older brother, Logan Paul.

Paul was nearly tackled by security while Mayweather was enraged by the incident, but the former YouTube celebrity turned undefeated boxer didn’t have as much luck trying to steal Woodley’s hat on Saturday.

Instead, Woodley pulled back and laughed at Paul before eventually yelling “you can have the hat” as the two fighter camps were separated.

Focused and intense as ever after hitting 189.5 pounds for his pro boxing debut, Woodley promised to deliver a vicious finish when he finally gets to trade hands with Paul on Sunday.

“It’s over,” Woodley said. “That’s all I can think about, it’s over. I’m about to go big in every level, every plane, every category. He’s shaking. He’s quivering and this dude he should be ‘cause I’m about to hurt him in a way he never felt before. And that’s on Mama Woodley.”

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