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Video: Logan Paul challenges rowdy fan to fight at Paul vs. Woodley weigh-ins

The Paul brothers certainly love drawing attention to themselves — and they don’t mind doing it at their own brother’s press events.

Just as how Jake Paul stole headlines from Logan Paul’s pre-fight press event with Floyd Mayweather with his “gotcha hat” antics in May, this time it was Logan’s turn to turn the spotlight on himself. The elder Paul brother got into it with a rowdy Tupac-loving fan Saturday afternoon at the Paul vs. Woodley ceremonial weigh-ins, challenging the fan to come up onstage and mix it up with him after the fan insulted him from the crowd.

“Come on! Show me how much of a p*ssy I am,” Logan Paul yelled while gesturing to the fan. “Hey, come on — come show me how much of a p*ssy I am.

“You. Yeah, you. I’m looking at you. Walk up the f*cking aisle, get on stage, and show me how much of a p*ssy I am,” he continued.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought, b*tch.”

Check out video of both the fan and Logan Paul from their the back-and-forth above.

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