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Morning Report: Tyron Woodley reacts to press conference altercation: ‘When disrespect comes to my mother, it’s a whole issue’

Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley - Press Conference Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Things have ramped up a notch for this weekend’s highly anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley.

On Thursday at the pre-fight press conference for Paul-Woodley, things took a turn during the faceoffs when a scuffle broke out in the audience between members of Woodley and Paul’s camps. The altercation occurred when things were said towards Woodley’s mother, Deborah, with Woodley’s sister then confronting one of Paul’s training partners, and a near-fight ensuing. Shoving and vulgarities where exchanged until security was able to get the situation in hand and remove Woodley and his team from the room. Afterwards, Woodley spoke to reporters on what had just happened (h/t The MacLife).

“When disrespect comes to my mother, it’s a whole issue,” Woodley said. “F*ck this money, f*ck this bag, f*ck the PPV, f*ck the fight. When it comes to that, it will not be tolerated.

“I addressed his camp because they’re a whole bunch of f*cking goofies, and they are. At the end of the day, they didn’t like what I said which is the truth, so they started going back and forth and talking, which they are more than willing to do. But what you’re not willing to do is f*cking talk to my mother any type of way. I don’t give a f*ck if you’re a whole op, if you killed my friend, I’m never gonna speak on nobody’s mom.”

What was said to Woodley’s mother that triggered the confrontation isn’t known at this time but according to Woodley, the “what” doesn’t matter anyway. Speaking to his mother in the first place was unacceptable and the way things escalated was even more so.

“It doesn’t matter,” Woodley said. “They shouldn’t say nothing. They shouldn’t ask her what’s two times two. So I’m looking, trying to do the faceoff, and I hear him going back and forth with my mom. Anytime it’s going back and forth, that’s unacceptable. I don’t care who you are, what nationality you are, that’s unacceptable. So I said, ‘Is you f*cking talking to my mom now?’

“Then I hear Jake say something, ‘Yeah, he’s talking to your mom,’ or some bullsh*t. He don’t know no better. He don’t understand this lifestyle. I’ll shake this whole f*cking room in a way you ain’t never seen. F*ck the UFC sh*t, f*ck the knockout sh*t, I will start f*cking hurting people, and you’ll see orange dropping, start hitting the floor. So I went over there and I sent my dogs over there to make sure everything was everything. And my sister, I know her, I know when she in posturing position. You think I’m trying to let somebody disrespect or touch my mom or my sister? No, it’s not happening like that.”

Unexpectedly, this ugly scene didn’t actually involve Paul directly. The YouTuber-turned-boxer has a history of over-the-top antics and trash talk that would suggest he might be have been the one to stir things up, however, speaking to MMAFighting after the incident, even Paul seemed put off by the scuffle, saying “Everyone was in the wrong. It just makes everyone look stupid.”

Stupid or not though, the incident certainly ratcheted tensions up for the most anticipated combat sports event of the summer, but for the former UFC welterweight champion, he says this doesn’t add any extra motivation or pressure to the fight this weekend, he’s already maxed out anyway.

“I’m relaxed,” Woodley said. “There’s nothing they can do or say to make me perform any higher to provide any more violence. I was already at the max level. I was going 100 regardless. It’s nothing they can do to make me, ‘Now I really gotta go because he said something about my mom!’ I was already there. I was already in kill mode. So at the end of the day, that’s gonna be handled and I’m back to focused on the fight.”

Woodley and Paul face each other this Sunday, Aug 29 at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.


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Thanks for reading, enjoy the fights, and see y’all on Monday.



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