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Video: Belal Muhammad, Ignacio Bahamondes revive Max Holloway’s bottle cap challenge in ridiculous clip

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Somehow, we don’t think this is what the kids mean when they say “no cap.”

UFC lightweight Ignacio Bahamondes was the talk of the town this past weekend after putting the exclamation point on a dominant striking performance against Roosevelt Roberts with an astounding spinning wheel kick in the closing seconds of their fight. The finish had social media buzzing that there was a new candidate for Knockout of the Year.

Bahamondes, 23, is just starting to make a name for himself at the highest levels of competition, so UFC welterweight contender Belal Muhammad — Bahamondes’ teammate and a fighter known for his social media savvy — went out of his way to help the Chilean capitalize on his buzz and build his brand.

The two filmed their own take on the bottle cap challenge popularized by Max Holloway and as you’d expect from someone with Muhammad’s quirky brand of humor, it doesn’t go as planned.

Watch the comedic clip above.