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UFC Vegas 34 video: Saidyokub Kakhramonov puts Trevin Jones to sleep with standing guillotine choke

A week ago, Saidyokub Kakhramonov wasn’t even on the UFC roster and now he has his first win inside the octagon.

The former CFFC bantamweight champion had a grueling fight with Trevin Jones at UFC Vegas 34 after accepting the matchup on just four days’ notice but he made the most of the opportunity after wrapping up a devastating standing guillotine choke late in the third round to get the win. With Jones pressed against the cage, Kakhramonov just kept putting pressure until his opponent went limp as referee Herb Dean rushed in to top the fight.

The end came at 4:39 in the third round.

“It feels normal honestly,” Kakhramonov said about the win. “Did you guys watch me on four days’ notice? Eight weeks, I can take out the champ, too.”

It looked like the newcomer might pull off the upset in the first round after Kakhramonov latched onto a guillotine choke that was very deep as he dropped into his guard in an attempt to put Jones away. While the submission was tight, Jones eventually worked his way free before the fighters got back to the feet.

With a judo background, Kakhramonov was content to work from the clinch but Jones was largely shutting down any attempt he made to bring the fight down to the ground. Still, Kakhramonov’s ability to shift his hips to look for the throws, Jones had to work that much harder to defend and it left him gasping for air after the round was over.

Kakhramonov did his best to take advantage with some solid combinations on the feet including a couple of stiff punches that snapped Jones’ head back and had him on rubber legs. Just when it looked like Kakhramonov was taking over, Jones countered with a takedown and he finished the second round from the mount as he was raining down vicious punches from the top.

Despite his best effort to build on the end of that round, Jones found himself stuck in the clinch with Kakhramonov yet again in the third round but a late attempt to make something happen actually backfired on him. That’s when Kakhramonov found an opening for the guillotine choke again, except this time he just locked up the hold and pressed Jones against the cage until he fell unconscious.

Kakhramonov looks to be a very solid addition to the UFC roster, especially with a performance like he had on Saturday night to get his debut win.

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