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Missed Fists: Cage breaks, fight continues at Brutal Fight Night event in Argentina

Walter Nahuelcheo and Juan Villaseca spill out of the cage at a Brutal Fight Night event in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, on Aug. 7
Brutal Fight Night, Facebook

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

“Action so intense that the cage can’t contain it!” would be a great blurb for an MMA event poster and in the case of Brutal Fight Night’s latest event, it would have been entirely truthful advertising.

Juan Villaseca vs. Walter Nahuelcheo

AL: BFN 5 took place in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina this past Saturday and while you can watch the entire show for free on Facebook, you should definitely at least check out the amateur middleweight bout between Juan Villaseca and Walter Nahuelcheo (around the 0:48:00 mark).

Thanks to @Barrelelapierna, we have a clip of the most eventful moment in that fight when Nahuelcheo drove Villaseca into the cage wall and busted the whole damn thing.

JM: My favorite part of this is that these were middleweights! Sure, one of those fellas looks a little chonky but just imagine if it was the big boys in there! The whole cage might have collapsed.

AL: This has happened before in MMA and usually the bout is ruled a no contest, but in this case the fighters actually just chilled out until the crew repaired the cage wall and then continued the fight. Villaseca went on to win by rear-naked choke, but I think Nahuelcheo was robbed of a ring out victory!

JM: Regional MMA is the best. Cage falls apart? Everyone just hang tight for a bit. We’ll put it back together and then you can return to fighting and no one bats an eye! I’m sorry but when you had hours to get the cage set up properly, it imploded. Why would I possibly think this thing is sturdy now when you MacGyver’d it back together with chewing gum and hope?

Maike Linhares vs. Fabricio Oliveira

AL: Big shoutout to Brazilian Fighting Series for hitting us up directly on social media to let us know about the highlights from their inaugural event in Rio de Janeiro.

The most impressive finish from the show was Maike Linhares’ awesome question mark KO of Fabricio Oliveira.

He just flicked that out there so casually.

JM: I have spent the past five minutes attempting to think up a good “question” pun for this but I’m falling short. I blame it on old age. Mind isn’t what it used to be. Though it’s still probably sharper than Oliveira’s after he had all his brain cells concussed from his head.

AL: Guess that kick had you stumped.

You can catch BFS pay-per-views on their site for 25 reais, which is a little under $5 USD. The promotion’s next show is on Aug. 21.

Giovanni Bruno vs. Caio Tavares

We bring you not one, but two question mark kick finishes this week, this next one courtesy of Giovanni Bruno at Arena Global 13 (free replay available on Facebook) also in Rio de Janeiro, but a day earlier.

JM: So many questions are being asked! That was a much more authoritative kick than Linhares’ but it lacks the casual panache of Linhares’. Still, any week where you get two ?-kicks is a violent week.

AL: The set-up on that was just beautiful. Look at how Bruno whipped out that hard leg kick moments before going to the head.

Jeanderson Castro vs. Tyrone Quinn

Somehow amidst the shoddy cage craftsmanship and question mark kickery we buried the lede. That lede being Jeanderson Castro’s truly insane counter jump knee knockout of Tyrone Quinn.

From Clan Wars 41 (available on PPV) in Belfast, Northern Ireland:

JM: YEESH. MMA is a sport where we all want to see someone come as close as possible to a violent, horrific end (we’re looking at you Sean Strickland) but actually be fine and when you watch a KO like that, you start to reconsider your hobbies. The force of that knee could take down a building and it landed square on the chin of Quinn. Oof.

Tom Pagliarulo vs. Josh Hardy

AL: We mentioned above how nicely Bruno set up his question mark kick. Josh Hardy did the exact opposite setting up this leg kick and Tom Pagliarulo made him pay for it:

JM: Look, throwing a naked leg kick like that is bad, I’m not here to deny it. But Hardy is guilty of a far worse crime than bad tactics: he’s the slowest man alive. Just look at how he moves! It looks like he’s fighting in three feet of water. Even if he had set up the leg kick with a feint, Pagliarulo would still have had time to register the feint and the attack, binge Gossip Girl, and then clock Hardy in the face.

CES 63 is available for replay on UFC Fight Pass.

Alexandre Hoffmann vs. Vitor Regis
Marcio Breno vs. Julio Cesar Santos

AL: We’re all familiar with the Hendo Bomb, but what do you know about the Hoffman Bomb?

From RFA Fight 1 (full fights available on YouTube) in Florianopolis, Brazil, that’s Alexandre Hoffman just dipping his shoulders and throwing a sledgehammer right hand right at Vitor Regis’s head. Tell me you don’t see a little Dan Henderson in there.

JM: The way he throws the right hand is IDENTICAL to the H-Bomb. It’s unmistakable. This makes me happy, in part because I’m now going to go re-watch Hendo obliterate Michael Bisping again. That always brings a smile to the face.

AL: At that same show, Marcio Breno scored a wonderful submission of Julio Cesar Santos with a triangle choke that started with him way up on his opponent’s body.

JM: That was a slick piece of grappling for sure but let’s not overlook the takedown. Breno’s timing on that double leg was picture perfect and so good he was able to immediately get side control off it, which started the whole sequence. I like this kid.

Luis Castro vs. Jhonatan Gallardo

AL: There was no way we were going to leave out Saturday’s Dog Fighting League event (free replay available on Facebook) not just for the promotion’s name that surely can’t be misinterpreted in any way, but for Luis Castro’s twister submission of Jhonatan Gallardo.

JM: Dog Fighting League? Who the hell thought that was a good name, Michael Vick? I’m the king of dumb ideas and even I wouldn’t go for that.

Also, twisters are dope, because they’re rare, but I hate watching them. They make my spine feel very, very uncomfortable. And I like my spine.

AL: Apologies to all the spine fanatics out there.

Castro, 26, is now 3-0 with his previous two wins coming by way of kneebar. Keep an eye out for this guy in future editions of Missed Fists.

Nate Marquardt vs. Michael Cora

We have one last submission to discuss, which is relevant for both its execution and for who executed it.

From Titan FC 71 (available for replay on UFC Fight Pass) in Miami, ladies and gentleman, Nate Marquardt is back!

JM: When I first read this, I thought it said Michael Cera and even after watching the clip, now I can’t help but think about 50-year-old Nate Marquardt fighting Scott Pilgrim and I’ve gotta say, I favor Scott Pilgrim in that fight.

AL: This was Marquardt’s first fight since retiring almost four years ago and his first win in almost five years. He has cited a higher calling as the main reason for his comeback and at least on this day, the MMA Gods were smiling down on him.


What was the most memorable Missed Fists moment this week?

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    Alexandre Hoffman’s "H-Bomb"
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    Nate Marquardt is back!
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If you know of a recent fight or event that you think may have been overlooked, or a promotion that could use some attention, please let us know on Twitter – @JedKMeshew and @AlexanderKLee – using the hashtag #MissedFists.

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