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The Ultimate Fighter 29 video: Brian Ortega brings out enormous snakes to prank Alexander Volkanovski

The season isn’t over yet, but Brian Ortega looks to have a comfortable lead on the scorecards in his prank war with Alexander Volkanovski.

Volkanovski and Ortega are currently serving as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 29 ahead of Volkanovski’s featherweight title defense against Ortega at UFC 266 on Sept. 25 and they developed a healthy rivalry during the filming of the show.

In previous week’s episodes, Ortega stuck it to Team Volkanovski by removing the tires from their vehicles and leaving donkeys for them to ride home, and Volkanovski later responded by filling a room with clocks to take a shot at Ortega’s perpetual tardiness. In the penultimate episode, Ortega pulled off a prank that will be tough to top.

Ortega reached out to an exotic animal handler to procure several gigantic snakes that they then left slithering around in Team Volkanovski’s locker room. Brady Hiestand was the first Volkanovski fighter through the door and he jumped when he saw what was waiting for them.

Not wanting to back down, Volkanovski picked up the largest of the snakes and nearly toppled over when it began to put the squeeze on him. The Australian champ gutted it out, even though he admitted, “I s*it myself a little bit there.”

Watch a clip of the slithery surprise above.

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