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Conor McGregor vows to make Dustin Poirier ‘pay with his life’ at UFC 264: ‘You’re dead’

Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor went face-to-face one last time before they make the walk to the octagon on Saturday.

At Friday’s UFC 264 ceremonial weigh-ins, UFC president Dana White wasn’t going to let Poirier and McGregor get anywhere near each other, and after an intense faceoff, both men gave their final thoughts on the matchup.

McGregor kicked things off and he was certainly more vicious with his words.

“In 16 hours time, this man is going to learn that when you disrespect a person’s kindness and take it as a weakness, you must pay,” McGregor told Joe Rogan inside the T-Mobile Arena on Friday. “Tomorrow night, I’m gonna make this man pay with his life — and I mean it. You’re dead in that octagon tomorrow night.”

Poirier, who received a chorus of boos in Las Vegas, took McGregor’s words in stride before giving his side of things less than 24 hours removed from the biggest fight of his career.

“It means nothing. It’s noise,” Poirier said in reaction to McGregor’s promo. “Tomorrow night, tune in. I want to thank you all for the cheers and for the boos.”

The former interim lightweight champion then went on to shout out his personal guest for the fight week, 21-year-old Peyton Murphy, who has been in a four-year fight with osteosarcoma, a rare but devastating form of bone cancer.

Poirier, ranked No. 1 on MMA Fighting’s Global Rankings, will look to end the trilogy with two straight victories after stopping McGregor in the second round of their UFC 257 main event bout in January.

McGregor will look to avoid the first losing streak of his pro MMA career and wrap up the rivalry in his way. The No. 11 ranked lightweight on MMA Fighting’s Global Rankings stopped Poirier in the first round when they competed at UFC 178 in September 2014.

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