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Video: Michael Chiesa and Justin Gaethje go too far with face-off in hilarious ad

You’ve never seen a face-off quite like this one.

Channeling the intensity that they typically bring to the octagon, UFC stars Michael Chiesa and Justin Gaethje are featured in a hilarious new commercial for Jose Cuervo.

Watch the ad above.

In the spot, a house party turns awkward fast as Chiesa and Gaethje instinctively square off while engaging in mundane activities like making small talk and going to the fridge to retrieve limes for their beverages. As the two fighters continue to exchange pleasantries and walk around in lockstep, neither allows themselves to be the first to break eye contact, resulting in a never-ending, yet somehow still friendly, staredown.

While Gaethje is yet to book his next fight since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov in a lightweight championship bout at UFC 254 last October, fans wanting to see Chiesa square off with someone for real won’t have to wait long. “Maverick” is scheduled to fight Vicente Luque in a battle of welterweight contenders on Aug. 7 at UFC 265.

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