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UFC Vegas 33 video: Cheyanne Buys delivers devastating head kick leading to first round finish against Gloria de Paula

Cheyanne Buys was ready to wrestle but instead she produced a jaw-dropping highlight reel finish in her co-main event fight against Gloria de Paula at UFC Vegas 33.

Following her octagon debut where she was largely outgrappled, Buys wanted to show she was more than capable of employing a similar game plan but thanks to some pre-fight advice from her head coach Eric Nicksick, she ended up with a knockout on her resume instead.

After bringing de Paula to the ground momentarily, Buys decided to let her opponent up and just as the Brazilian was getting off the canvas she was met with a devastating shin to the face that put her back down again.

Buys thought she had a walk-off knockout with the head kick but the referee allowed the fight to continue, which led to the former Contender Series winner jumping into the mount and just punching de Paula repeatedly without much resistance offered in return. That mercifully stopped the fight with the official end time coming at just 1:00 into the opening round.

“I didn’t expect that,” Buys said after her first win in the UFC. “She has great striking. This fight I really wanted to showcase I can wrestle. It’s been a long road to get here. A crazy fight camp for me.

“I am so broke, I got a loan just so I could get a house here. I wanted to be known as the ‘Warrior Princess.’ I was shocked. She’s a gangster on the feet so I didn’t really expect that.”

Buy said she left her home in Dallas in order to relocate to Las Vegas to prepare for this fight where she began training with the coaches and fighters at Xtreme Couture.

The move obviously paid off as Buys put on an outstanding performance and now she’s looking for more after sending a message to UFC matchmaker Mick Maynard after her win.

“I’m ready for short notice,” Buys said. “Mick, you know my number.”

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