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Video: Wicked spinning backfist ends muay Thai bout featuring MMA gloves

Axell Magallan might never land a better strike.

On the second day of Budo Sento Championship’s three-day hybrid martial arts event, Magallan stole the show with a spectacular spinning backfist that caught opponent Joel Damian Dorado completely off-guard.

Watch video of the incredible maneuver above.

As this was a muay Thai bout with MMA gloves, Dorado was given a 10-count to attempt to recover after being hit flush by the spinning strike. Dorado made it back to his feet, but the referee determined he was in no condition to continue and the bout was waved off in the third.

BSC is an organization based out of Mexico that promotes a variety of combat sports events, with whole days dedicated to specific disciplines. On Thursday, BSC hosted a submission grappling event, while Friday was dedicated to muay Thai. An MMA event takes place Saturday and is available to watch for free on the promotion’s Facebook page.

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