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T.J. Dillashaw vs. Cory Sandhagen full fight video highlights

Cory Sandhagen and T.J. Dillashaw at UFC Vegas 32
Cory Sandhagen and T.J. Dillashaw competed at UFC Vegas 32 on Saturday night.
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Watch T.J. Dillashaw vs. Cory Sandhagen full fight video highlights from their UFC Vegas 32 clash above, courtesy of the UFC.

Sandhagen vs. Dillashaw took place July 24 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nev. Cory Sandhagen (14-3) and T.J. Dillashaw (17-4) collided in the UFC Vegas 32 main event. The fight aired live on FITE TV pay-per-view Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Sandhagen vs. Dillashaw, check out live blog from MMA Fighting’s Steven Marrocco.

Round 1

Dillashaw advancing early as Sandhagen moves laterally. Dillashaw grabs at a leg, then gloes to the legs with kicks before a punch combo that’s short. Sandhagen back with a straight right, then goes airborn with a knee. As he falls, Sandhagen lands in a reverse triangle, and Dillashaw pauses for a few tense seconds before he pops free. Dillashaw to work with ground and pound as Sandhagen tries to defend and limit the damage. He can’t do much before Sandhagen pops up, so he settles for a body lock and knees the legs. Trip attempts from Dillashaw, and Sandhagen spins free, taking an elbow in the process. Sandhagen’s right hand still good, and his spin kick is intercepted on the way by Dillashaw, and the two scramble back to their feet. Dillashaw with a left hook, and Sandhagen come back with a quick right. Sandhagen’s size is a major factor for Dillashaw, who’s got to advance through much more to be effective. So far, he’s doing that as Sandhagen kicks, and he closes in to smother Sandhagen against the fence and then get the takedown. He’s working from overhead as Sandhagen tries to snag an ankle or something to break up the offense. Dillashaw lands a few hammerfists and gets warned for grabbing the fence. Another warning from Dean, and Dillashaw takes some big punches as he cranks an ankle. He manages to right himself as time comes to an end with Dillashaw attached at the waist.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Dillashaw.

Round 2

Dillashaw advances again and walks into the clinch. Against the fence, he works for a single-leg, and Sandhagen sprawls out before circling off. Body kick caught by Sandhagen, but he can’t convert to a takedown. Body shot from Sandhagen, and he pops back off a charge from Dillashaw. Sandhagen mobile as Dillashaw tries to bully him around the octagon. Sandhagen’s stance switching giving Dillashaw a lot more weapons to worry about. Dillashaw’s left hook is his most ultilized weapon. A left hook clips Dillashaw, and he sits briefly on the mat before moving for a takedown. He charges forward, and Sandhagen cracks him again with a counter. Ex-champ bleeding badly on his right brow, and Dean stops the action to check the cut. It’s in a bad, bad spot. Restart, and Dillashaw presses in only to get cracked by a flying knee. He charges again, swinging wildly, but Sandhagen is moving too well to get clipped. Combined with his knee problem and the blood, Dillashaw struggling to intercept Sandhagen, who’s fighting brilliantly as he moves laterally and backward. Dillashaw finally smothers Sandhagen against the fence, and he drags Sandhagen briefly to the mat. All he’s got from there, though, is the knee to the back of the legs. Big takedown off body lock fails, and the round ends with an elbow from Dillashaw.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Sandhagen.

Round 3

Dillashaw jams in again and pops the back of Sandhagen’s head as Sandhagen moves away, back turned. He tries to turn up the tempo and force his way in, and a spinning elbow cracks him. Again, he drives forward and initiates the clinch, where he’s got the best chance of controlling Sandhagen. Another drag attempt, but Sandhagen stays upright. Knees to the legs from Dillashaw, and Sandhagen turn off and takes a right. Dillashaw bleeding badly. Straight punches still there for Sandhagen. A big right hand again. Nice right hand from Dillashaw and calf kicks, but again, Sandhagen pops him with the straight right. More calf kicks from Dillashaw, and Sandhagen closes the distance and whiffs a wheel kick, allowing Dillashaw to get the easy takedown and take the back. Sandhagen rolls to his feet, but Dillashaw remains at his back against the fence. Again, Sandhagen escapes, and Dillashaw goes back to the legs. Dillashaw’s having a bit more luck with his hands this round, and his kicks are doing damage. He again presses into the clinch and then sprawls out when Sandhagen escapes and shoots in the open. Dillashaw walks Sandhagen back to the fence and knees the legs from the back. Knee to the head from Dillashaw. Trip takedown fails, and Dillashaw unloads with punches. Sandhagen throws a late shot, but he gets a pass.

MMA Fighting scores the frame 10-9 for Dillashaw, who’s up 29-28.

Round 4

Dillashaw attacks the legs early and forces an exchange of punches, ending with leg kicks. Left hook and straight right good, and suddenly Sandhagen is looking vulnerable. Another straighht right for Sandhagen, but he takes leg kick after leg kick and appears damage. When he sits down on a right, Dillashaw ducks under and drives him to the fence. This is a champion’s intelligence and toughness to do what works after difficulty. Sandhagen escapes and tries to get something going with his fists, but body shots are his best work. Punches are countered by leg kicks from Dillashaw. Midway through, Sandhagen recovers a bit and rips the body, but again, Dillashaw ducks under and presses to the fence, landing at the back and kneeing the legs. Sandhagen manages to escape, and here is his time to get some momentum back. Persistent jab as Dillashaw advances, but again he gets stuffed to the fence. Another circle out, and they stand in the pocket as Dillashaw explodes in and Sandhagen tries to catch him on the counter. Jabs good for Sandhagen, but he’s taking leg kicks. Then, a spinning backfist sneaks in for Sandhagen, and it’s his best shot of the round. Dillashaw attempts to get it back, but he runs out of time.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Sandhagen, and it’s 38-38.

Round 5

Dillashaw goes immediately to the legs, and Sandhagen is again fighting backward, sneaking shots in the gaps. Dillashaw’s aggression against Sandhagen’s counters, and it’s a close, close fight as both men land in exchanges. Dillashaw ducks under again and gets the brief trip takedown. Sandhagen works the jab at distance, and Dillashaw shoots from the open. Sandhagen sprawls out and manages to escape. He rips the body, and counters effectively as Dillashaw continues to advance. Big knee in close as Dillashaw clinches up. Better movement from Sandhagen, who’s trying to close the distance to land those big hooks. Sandhagen repays with a straight right to win the exchange, and then jabs away as Dillashaw continues to swing wild. Dillashaw drives in again and locks up against the cage. He wants to grind it out, but Sandhagen escapes. He fires punches that miss, and Sandhagen circles off and continues to find the gaps in his defense. Big right hand opens shot from Dillashaw. Sandhagen complains that Dillashaw grabbing shorts, and he gets free. They stand in the pocket and Sandhagen rips the body. Who wants it more. Big shots from Dillashaw, and Sandhagen comes back with his own with short time. Dillashaw ends the fight in pursuit after taking a right hand. He’s a bloody mess, and we should have some interesting scorecards with a very, very close fight.

MMA Fighting scores the bout 10-9 for Sandhagen, who gets the 48-47 nod.

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