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Sergey ‘Street Fighter’ Romanov tries to wave off his own knockout at Open FC 7

Sergey “Street Fighter” Romanov has seen his share of knockouts. So when he saw his opponent Cassio de Oliveira stiff on the canvas, obviously concussed after taking a right hand, he took matters into his own hands and waved off the bout.

Unfortunately for Oliveira, it took the referee a few seconds to agree with the call, and Romanov landed one more hammerfist for good measure. But at 16 seconds, the fight was mercifully called off in the headliner of Open FC 7 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Check out the finish in the video above. It was Romanov’s second straight win after a pair of losses and his 14th win by TKO or KO. Oliveira suffered his second straight loss.

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