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BKFC president Dave Feldman explains what happened in post-fight brawl involving Blueface

Blueface barely had time to raise his hands in victory before the hip-hop artist was throwing punches again after a fan came after him in the ring at BKFC 19.

The situation exploded after Blueface was announced as the winner in his fight against Kane Trujillo but then he immediately charged at the person coming into the ring, who appeared to be shouting at him at the same time.

Following the event, BKFC president Dave Feldman explained that the assailant was nothing more than a fan who was actually attempting to challenge Blueface to a fight. Obviously the plan backfired in spectacular fashion after the fan was on the receiving end of some punches from the rapper before being dragged out of the ring by security and local police at the event.

“This fan just came up and tried to start a fight with Blueface,” Feldman explained at the BKFC 19 post-fight press conference. “He said ‘I want to fight you’ and I just said leave and he just wouldn’t leave so we made him leave.”

The mayhem in the ring saw numerous people jumping into break up the melee and for a moment it appeared that more than one fan actually got involved. Ultimately it was just Blueface, his coaches and security from BKFC rushing into subdue the perpetrator after tried and failed to start another fight.

Prior to the melee, Blueface was victorious in his first ever boxing match while dispatching Trujillo in lopsided fashion over three rounds.

That fight capped off the “Platform Showdown” promoted by BKFC that featured several social influencers including stars from YouTube, TikTok and the music industry.

While it was a fun experiment, Feldman said after the event was over that he wasn’t planning on promoting any more influencer fights in the near future, especially with all three bouts taking place in boxing rather than actual bare-knuckle competition.

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